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Hey there! I am Naa Oyoo Quartey. Welcome to my digital frontier 😄.


This here is my personal blog. It's a lifestyle blog which I have had since 2011. Thanks to my avid and varied interests in life I write passionately on fashion, creating new recipes based on a mix of Ghanaian and global ingredients, must-attend events in Ghana, restaurant reviews, social media and blogging tutorials and the often times social issues bothering me as a citizen of Ghana.

I also do occasional paid sponsored posts as a Ghanaian micro-influencer for brands looking for increased engagement, conversions and traffic. 

I hold it dear to my heart to create specially for you, content which will inspire you, inform you and give valuable tips on just pretty much some awesome stuff . I love to travel so don't be surprised to see content on other countries. So if you want to know what's trending in Ghana in terms of lifestyle then you are in the right blog space. I also accept limited amount of advertising. 

I also train individuals and teams on digital marketing tools and techniques on a consulting basis. Book me here.

Do you want to learn how to cook Ghanaian and contemporary cuisine? I am also available for one-on-one cooking classes at www.cookaccra.com

Photo by LensstoryGh

Photo by LensstoryGh

I post about three to four times a week. But guess what? You can get up to date &  fresh content by subscribing via RSS or via email newsletter.

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 My blog archive is a little to your left on the screen on the homepage. That's the treasure trove of where I started from.  


I am an old student of Mfantsiman Girls High School. I completed my first degree at the University of Ghana Business School in banking and finance. I did a few internships at Barclays and realised the bank environment wasn't my thing. I ran. 

My first job was in the oil and gas industry. I worked in the health and safety department for six years in several roles gaining training along the way. My career in that ended in 2015.

I grew an interest in social media when I started blogging in 2011. I took several courses, attended virtual conferences and beefed up my knowledge in social media marketing. Which is interesting as I actually studied CIM some years back. I use Instagram a lot to market and promote my works and my street photography. 


I founded an African print crafts online  business RootsbyNaa which was awarded Innovation Hero by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. This further saw me featured by Google Africa Connected.

I have always been a self-starter for as long as I can remember. Starting One Baobab was my idea to help Ghanaian businesses in their  social media marketing in which Ghana is dwelling in its early growth stage. 

I love God first. I worship at ICGC Restoration Temple in Osu. My hobbies range from photography, cooking and eating good food, trying out new things especially where food and crafts are concerned. I love to travel. There's so much to see! I love dogs and cats. The beach is my place of solace and regeneration. I love blockbusters! I would love to direct a movie one day. One day. 

Please note: I don't write free posts for advertorial purposes.


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