Easy To Make: Caramelized Mango Stuffed Crepes

Pancakes. I love pancakes with much affection as I love Banku. Pancakes in Ghana isnt very common in most homes and can be found uncommonly in some areas of Accra. I always knew of a market woman in Makola who made pancakes somewhere in Makola. Her pancakes were so flat it was almost transparent but very sweet with crunchy brown edges- and oily too!

9 Types of Men Who You Should Avoid At All Costs!

1. The Constant ‘Chiller’

Is he constantly out with his boys or always hitting the club & pubs after work? He cant spare quality time with you but prefers nights out in noisy clubs. Monday to Saturday its one party or the other. Such a guy will find it hard to spend time getting to know you. He spends a lot of money on such nights out which can end up making him financially unstable. Will he be able to stay home with his family or will he be found out chilling unable to bond with his kids and wife? It might seem fun in the beginning but to be honest, you can get easily worn down with all those activities.

Easy to Make: Sobolo- Hibiscus & LemonGrass Iced Tea Recipe

The Sobolo drink also called Bissap or Roselle is a species of Hibiscus native to West Africa.  It is gradually taking over the local beverage industry in Ghana. Despite being around for centuries, this local drink for the past three years has gotten quite a bit of attention. Today, small-scale home-based businesses are tapping into this drink by bottling and selling it in all kinds of flavours.  Think of ginger, lemon, coconut water, pineapple etc.

#MyKpenkpeshie: An AfricanCity Co-Producer Ms. Adjei Spills The Beans On Her Magnificent Natural Hair & Other Things You Would Love to Know!

1. My thoughts on African women going back to their natural hair roots

 I'm excited to see more women on the continent ( and Ghana specifically) embracing their natural hair. It's been a drastic change from even 5 years ago. I can't tell you how many people (family members included) told me to relax my hair or assumed I was African American when I was visiting Ghana 5 years ago.

You Can Be The Ultimate Winner In The Vodafone #YeeTwiKor Promotion! Here's How!

Whether you call, text or browse you are awarded points based on the amount you recharge or spend. For every 10 pesewas you recharge or spend, you gain 1 point. This qualifies you for the race to win the ultimate cash prize of GHS100, 000 at the end of the 70 days! What would or could you do with GHS 100,000? Buy land? A house? A car or a farm? Endless possibilities! 

A Little Taste of Pure Nebraska Beef.

Le Steak est ici! Finally the grand steak in its best medium-rare brownish attire turned up at the right time when my stomach gave a mini-growl. Grrrr… The type you hope no-one hears.  A scallion was placed casually across its width.  The steak look just like any other steak I had come across. But what would the taste be like? It was served with a side of cassava fries and chimicurri.