Getting Past Cold Feet Before Your Wedding.

Getting Past Cold Feet Before Your Wedding.

If you have seen RunAway Bride, then you would understand what cold feet means when it’s time to walk down the aisle. An unforgettable scene; Julia Roberts starts walking down the aisle, suddenly her steps become unsure and she suddenly turns around and starts running in the opposite direction with a horrified confused groom 😦 left at the altar and a page boy trying in vain to grab her train from departing. 

A bit dramatic but many real brides have experienced this feeling before and even during their weddings. Well, I did too. Cold feet is basically that unsure, scared feeling a bride or groom feels a few days to their wedding. Sometimes it’s the fear of the unknown, excitement of the new phase or a state of wondering if your soon-to-be partner was the right choice.

Why did I have cold feet before my wedding? There were so many factors then; family discordance on dates, vendor disappointments all which led to little arguments between me and my husband. Then all of a sudden I am wondering to myself, am I making the right decision? What if it doesn’t work? Then there was the almost surreal dream-like experience of me asking myself, ‘Ei! Is this me getting married?’ What a wait too it’s been. In the end I didn’t run away from the altar.

Don't panic if you have cold feet. It's not a bad thing. The thought of forever with the same person can seem daunting right?


How can you get past cold feet before your wedding?

Ask yourself these two simple questions:

1.     What was your why?

Why did you ask her to marry you? Why did you accept his proposal? What is your why? There is something you noticed in your partner which drew you to their presence and made you feel that YAASS feeling! Whatever that reason, remind yourself about it during the wedding preparations.

2.     Where have you come from? 

How long has been your journey to here? Every relationship journey is wrought with joys and fights. Have the joys been more than the fights? Can you think of more happy times with your partner than the fights? If you can say yes, then let that thought keep you going. Positive and good memories can drive away the fear of the unknown. As a couple, talk to each other before the wedding and talk about your past joys and what lies ahead. It helps both of you to get warmer feet. 


Did you ever experience cold feet before your wedding? Know a friend who did and bailed like Julia Roberts? If you are positive about your choice of a partner then be bold like a lion because no man will jump on a horse and come after you. That’s Hollywood deception.


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