Your Chance To Have Scrumptious Lunch With Me & Win Natural Hair Goodies!

Your Chance To Have Scrumptious Lunch With Me & Win Natural Hair Goodies!

How's that for awesomeness! Too cool, I know 😄. I recently had my natural hair done at Exotic Trends salon at the Marina Mall and as a natural hair ambassador I fell in love with the Mizani Hair Products which was used to give me a whole natural hair care & styling routine. 


For some time I have been thinking of a change for my hair. Everything is fine and dandy but I want a new look. Maybe a short hair cut? What do you think? Some months ago my hair was breaking like... it was breaking bad! I would see chunks of hair just falling out after almost every wash. This wasn't healthy at all! But I knew what the problem was. I was going to bed without braiding, not moisturising like I used to. I had gotten busy and ignored my hair. Something had to change! 


So I began being more conscious of moisturising, and braiding before sleep time and drinking more water. The difference was so obvious! 

Recently, I went on a salon visit to Exotic Trendz to try out the Mizani natural hair products. Mizani's #TrueTextures line of products is purposely for the naturalista's and I can tell you how relieved I am that big beauty brands are beginning to pay attention to our naturalhair needs as Ghanaian women.


After the whole treatment and styling, I realised how soft and manageable my hair was even after 4 days! I know my hair and how it easily hunks down after a day's styling but this was different. No hype. The curls last about two days because I scarfed my hair before bed. 


The shampoo and conditioner made my hair all cloud soft and it had such a calming fragrance.

The staff of Exotic Trendz were very professional and my worry about how they would handle my hair was allayed from washing to styling. Although I wasn't too happy about my hair dye but people love it so hey 😅. It's encouraging to have more local salons build their skills on how to handle natural hair which we are born with. 

So to win lunch with me, all you have to is to like & share my video which is on my Facebook Page. Click here to watch the video. If I do win this competition ( yes, there are other influencers on this as well 😂) I will select about three of my fans who engaged with the video. Out of this three one person gets to have lunch with me somewhere really, rrreeaallyy really nice! And you get natural hair goodies too! Sweet!

Currently I am in braids to give my hair a rest and my itchy fingers a break from checking on #hairlengthgoals 😅. 

How are you managing your natural hair when it comes to breakage? Please do share in the comments below 😘 

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