Ariel's Haven & Spa, A Divine & Private Spa Experience in Accra

Ariel's Haven & Spa, A Divine & Private Spa Experience in Accra

Improving my wellbeing and living healthy is very important to me and should be to anyone who works hard to make a cedi to survive. But it seems more and more Ghanaians are getting stressed from long hours of working and not making time to take care of their bodies and overall wellbeing. Too busy chasing the money.

Well, I firmly believe a person must have a healthy work-life balance and not allow stress and other work-related illnesses bring unnecessary health problems to them. Life is meant to be enjoyed! Do I hear an amen?

There are a few spa’s in Ghana providing wellness and grooming services to bring relaxation, improve blood circulation and boost one’s self-esteem. A good example is Ariel’s Haven Salon & Spa, an intimate spa providing personal detailed services for facials, massages, manicures and pedicures for both men and women.

I went there to get my first facial done after a stressful week of juggling being an employee and entrepreneur. No easy job.

Situated in the South Labadi estates, I would say that’s a pretty private location far from the noise and bustle of the highway traffic activities which is perfect for any grooming service provider, best of all the sound of the waves from the ocean was not too far away either.

The service from reception to masseur was pretty good and I had to fill a form which requested for allergy information and other medical information. I could understand these questions as anyone could be allergic to any products used on a client’s skin. They have to protect themselves too.

My face was examined to determine skin type etc and I was proud that the masseur recognized a well kept skin and congratulated me on that. All that cleansing and wiping was paying off! If you have never had a facial before well it goes something like this:

1.     It will be steamed

2.     Then cleansed

3.     Facial Mask application

4.     Dozing (you will be asleep by now)

5.     Cleaning off mask

So while the facial mask was making its magic in my skin, I got a leg and hand massage. I was so gone by then, not sure if I was snoring either.


Incase you get hungry after all that fabulous pampering you can order lunch and enjoy it in their absolutely cute garden area! 

I had a chicken salad with a Snapple as my feet were trimmed and painted in a rather quick and efficient manner.

You know how annoying it is sometimes to be in a salon and be hearing other women on their phone chatting as loud as possible about their relationships and the stress their boyfriend is causing them? Well Ariel’s have solved that with personal salon spaces i.e one dryer and dresser for your personal use. Serenity divine.


The men have their own grooming space with a barbering space and manicure and pedicure area. There is a growing trend of Ghanaian men taking up massages and other grooming services and with more places like this offering the privacy for them thats an absolute feather in Ariel’s cap. Oh did I mention they have spa parties? You can arrange for spa parties with your friends or colleagues at work and spend the day getting spoilt and pampered.

Pedicure services (but not my feet :) )

Pedicure services (but not my feet :) )

I might go back for a back and shoulder massage because this week, my activity hasn’t been great with too much sitting at my desk, thanks to my new app Lark I am absolutely shamed by how less I have done in the past few days.

If you are looking for Ariel’s Haven, look for them on Foursquare or check the map below which starts from Jokers Pub as the closest landmark. Their contact number is 0302-798111 / 0245-063663


Like their page on Facebook to catch up with their offerings and activities. 

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