Experiencing the AMAZING RACE at the MultiChoice Africa Content Showcase Extravaganza in Mauritius.

Experiencing the AMAZING RACE at the MultiChoice Africa Content Showcase Extravaganza in Mauritius.

I remember falling down one time during a 100m relay race back in Secondary School. Flat on my face that’s how I fell. All because I had to turned my head to see a distraction behind me. Needless to say I lost the race, and never run again. Well aside from morning runs against myself.


 Imagine how nervous I was when I realized I was going to be taking part in the AMAZING RACE which is shown on the Sony channel (DSTV Channel (DStv Channel 127 and GOtv Plus channel 21)  as part of the activities lined up for the invited guests. Kai! Me? Run? It aint gonna happen. Not today and definitely not in a jumpsuit and the pink flip flops that I was wearing! How come we weren’t told of this? I would have dressed more appropriately! Come and see pressure!


I was in the Black team which was identified by the black ‘seaman jolly’ (bandana) around our necks and heads.  The other teams were in Red, Green and White and there was an air of apprehensiveness and a whiff of aggressive competitiveness swirling around us. Almost egging us on.

We downloaded the Sony Spectacular Search App which had the clues for the race and proceeded to listen to what was next. The event host IK in his cheekiest best read out the rulesand the race was on.


We answered the first question and proceeded to the next location for the next clue. I forgot about my past traumatic experience and found myself jogging in my flip flops with my back pack jostling at my back. Excitingggg!!! We answered the next question on Tattoos Nightmares which beforehand had us tattooing our bodies, uploading the photo and then being able to answer the question. The jogging had increased to an almost imperceptible run. To the spa!


Another clue hidden in a poster was soon detected and I shared it with the group and we were off to the final destination. Another photo upload of a selfie against a Sony banner saw us to the end of the race. Whew!

I had been eyeing that PlayStation 3 and was heartbroken I didn’t win through the raffle that was drawn by Sonia. Kmt. And she picked her own name! Can you imagine? What are the odds of that? Well I have to find her room and be her friend by-force so I can play some.


It was good fun and great exercise for some of us who haven’t worked out in awhile. As a team, we didn’t do that great. Some went ahead of us and got early-arrival prizes which they didn’t even share with the group. LOL!!! Imagine having to share a Sony speaker with 9 other people. How do you manage that? Hilarity! It just goes to show the importance of team work in any event which requires teamwork and collaborative effort. 

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