This Restaurant Without A Doubt Makes The Best Pizza In Accra!

This Restaurant Without A Doubt Makes The Best Pizza In Accra!

Great food always has a story.  It will narrate how each ingredient fought to be selected as the best to become part of the journey towards making a meal be the one that is talked about days after its eaten. The sort of meal that one cant help but be an unpaid evangelist of.  That’s exactly what I have become after eating out one night, no make that three nights at Nicolino.

Its not everyday that you find a great Italian restaurant built like an African hut, nestling within the compound of a French language school. Actually almost uncommon I would say. But that’s where I discovered amazing pizza and I am not looking back again.

Windowless, laid-back with low comfortable chairs and strong wooden tables, with a giant chandelier giving a warm glow during the evenings, I would say its a great ambiance for a pizza night out. Pizza is not the only meal on the menu but I would say it’s the hallmark for the eatery.

The first pizza I had was a Pepperoni and my eyes bulged at saucer size of the salami on the dough. When you are used to seeing tiny pieces of pepperoni you kind of get used to it then this becomes almost like an adventure. The dough was light and thin with the fresh taste of the sauce combining perfectly with the toppings.


But I would say the Quattro Staggioni would be my preferred choice any day! Gorgonzola, mushrooms, zucchini, prosciutto toppings further topped with roquette is not only a personal favourite but one I often see most people having whilst enjoying the early evening breeze. The roquette is fresh adding a bit of zing whilst also managing to neutralize the salty taste of Prosciutto and the Gorgonzola. Toppings with toppings! Its an absolute must-try.

The customer service is relatively okay with visible waitresses and the chefs working close to the oven ensure that whilst waiting for your order, you will catch wisps of oven-baked goodness that will make you wait patiently for 8 minutes. The size of the wood fired oven is small enough to take in about three pizzas and because of this the bread cooks faster so you don’t have to wait long before it comes. And like my previous post on traditional methods of cooking, the taste of pizza made in a gas oven is so not the same as this wood fired oven. I was hypnotised by the rolling, twirling, whirling of the dough whenever an order came through. Magical. 


Ingredients are both locally sourced and imported to have a great blend of here and there. The bar is well-stocked with a broad range of wines, beers and sodas. The kids will love this place too although I didn’t see a baby high chair. Price-wise I would say $$. A dinner for two with separate pizzas and a drink would be about GHC120, depending also on the drinks you have. That is within the range for most restaurants in the city. It’s a great place for a first date, friends of four, just you date, a meeting with a business partner or a place to entertain your ‘abrokyir’ visitors.

Pizza being topped with vegetables. 


If you don’t like commercial pizza such as that of Eddy’s Pizza, then Nicolino’s is coming highly recommendedOpen everyday of the week from 12pm till the kitchen closes about 10pm, Nicolino also does deliveries and can be found within the compound of Alliance Francais.  

I had the experience of seeing a nutella pizza being prepared and I was like 'whoa!' Chocolate pizza?? I had to share that on my Instagram page. 

Oh and by the way, do apply a bit of mosquito repellent on your way out.

Share your experience at Nicolino's if you have been there before. Good, bad, ugly? Lets hear it.

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