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A Guide Through 5 MarketPlaces In Accra

All the above mentioned markets are uniquely different in their own ways even though one can discover certain similarities between them; the clamour of buying and selling, human and vehicular traffic. Their differences however slight lies in food stuffs pricing, access to market, populace, product uniqueness and hygiene. Anytime you are in Accra check out the markets listed below as a buyer or curious tourist, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of water, beach hat and a face towel with a sprinkling of human patience. 

A Journey Into The Best Beans Joint in Osu.

Here’s an inside look at how beans is sold atthe Beans Joint and at most beans joints in the city. The procedure is basically the same but the taste is always different from place to place. I recorded the ambient noise and conversation exchanges between buyer and seller so you get an appreciation of how streetfood is bought in Ghana. 

Discover Mauritius - The People, The Food & More

There are some countries you will see on the internet and you cant help but wonder if its possible for you to go there. For me it’s been for a long time Mauritius and Maldives followed by the rest.  There’s something about seeing white sands and blue oceans surrounding tiny land mass of gorgeous resorts. It calls out to me. So when the golden ticket opportunity came up, I snatched it up like it was the last grain of Jollof on my dinner plate. Thank you Multichoice for my golden ticket. I used it well.