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Street photography brings out the candid moments and reflects the regular lives of people as they go about life. It gives a glimpse into the lives of every culture in any country. Whether it’s a person riding on a bicyle whilst texting or a little girl getting her braids done each moment captured on a smartphone or dslr tells a deep visual story.


Shooting street photography in Accra is not much different from doing same in some cities. it is not an exactly photo friendly city in all honest opinion. The city has a lot of history but less artsy locations, events and monuments to shoot at. If not for annual art festivals like #ChaleWote2015 there’s little going on in the city with regards to festivals and large outdoor events.

There are selfies and there are Selfies with a capital S. Some selfies can win awards and get featured on popular photo sharing platforms. You can check Instagrams blog for #WHPselfportrait for inspirational examples. 

I love my selfies because they aren't selfie obvious. Here are some fantastic tips on how to capture a great self-portrait with your iPhone (and other smartphones) 😋.