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#MyKpenkpeshie: Award-Winning Actress Lydia Forson Shares Her Natural Hair Journey, Thoughts On Men Who Love Natural Hair & More...

I had a man in my life one time, who actually told me he doesn’t want to wake up next to a boy. There was a very long time when my hair was very short, I texturized it at one point. But when you have men in your life who question whether you are pretty enough in short hair it can be an uncomfortable conversation

It was admiration because it’s different. It’s not a look most people have seen. Interestingly, people thought I wasn’t Ghanaian. They thought I was Malian because they think East Africans rock this. A few times I heard some people speak in Twi, “Ah, ofiri Ghana anaa oy3 America ni?” Generally, I think when people see others trying to overly embrace their heritage, it’s assumed they are coming from outside. So yeah, it’s been mostly admiration.