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When Parents Say: "You Can't Bring A [Insert Tribe] Into Our House".

Making a decision on who you want to marry should be easy. Choosing who you want to fall in love with and end up marrying should be based on your personal decision and choice. If you want to marry someone from the North, South, East or West or from any tribe that should be something you as a person should be free to do. Right? But why is it that in Ghana and perhaps other African countries; parents do not give their children the freedom of choosing who to settle down with when it comes to the tribe of their partner?

JoyFm once again organised its annual bridal fair with the usual splendour and buzzed activities. This year the event dubbed  'Together Naturally' run for four days and it had more vendors and great attendance. Although I missed the marriage seminar, I found time to attend the Saturday session to see what was new on the wedding organisation planet. Was there anything new and exciting being offered by the vendors? 

Ghana has some unique places for entertainment, food corners, beach resorts, bars and bistros. But sometimes, some of these places arent really ideal to pop the question. Depending on where you want to say 'Will you..?' you must decide on what makes you comfortable or perhaps choose the first place you had your very first date.  Here are some great ideas and places in Ghana to hear your woman say 'I will' (fingers crossed)


5 Perfect Gospel Songs To Choose For Your Wedding

If you are preparing to get married soon and just wondering what gospel song you would like to played upon your entrance to the church or garden or seaside (whichever location catches your fancy) or would like to sing to your new bride; here is a list of my favourite (soon to be your favourite too) Gospel songs that would get every guest at your wedding saying, 'awwwwwww' and wipe away a tear!