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Personality Interview: Comic Writer James Breakwell Shares How Tweeting About Conversations With His Four Daughters Made His Account Go Viral.

James Breakwell tweets about his everyday experience with his four daughters all under the age of six are simply delightfully hilarious! He has been featured on several websites and blogs from  DailyMailUk to Mashable due to the witty and sometimes relatable - if you have kids of your own- conversations he has with his daughters which he tweets on his Twitter account @XplodingUnicorn .

Hard Guy and Boss Chick Trended on Twitter This Weekend

Sundays on Twitter usually has football tweets running across my timeline. no pun intended. I love football don't get me wrong but it gets a bit long as i keep coming across insults, groans, sighs and GOOOAAAALLLLL tweets whilst looking for something new. 

But this Sunday was different with a hilarious trend going through my feed. Hard guy and Boss Chick was a satirical tweet going around the microblogging app. My curiosity got the better of me as I scrolled to see more of this trend and couldn't help but to get caught up in it.