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Highly Recommended Productivity Apps For Any Startup!

Being a founder of an ecommerce startup in Ghana has been a gap bridging experience for me so far. The founders team is made up of 5 young enterprising people and managing the operations of the business currently revolves around a lot of technological adaptations especially where productivity apps are concerned. Most start-ups always starts out as a small team which get together as often as they can especially where they have full time day jobs. This often is a challenge in terms of logistics and conflicts with other meetings. Having the right productivity apps solves this problem to ensure the team is still connected and able to track tasks and current projects.

The naming of a business or your startup goes beyond finding one which is catchy, sounds great in the ear or communicates your product and service. I believe there are some steps many founders and sole-proprietors are overlooking as they crack their brains on whether to choose from using their names for the business or picking something modern and trendy. These steps range from physical checks at Registrar General and conducting a digital search as well.