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A Little Taste of Pure Nebraska Beef.

Le Steak est ici! Finally the grand steak in its best medium-rare brownish attire turned up at the right time when my stomach gave a mini-growl. Grrrr… The type you hope no-one hears.  A scallion was placed casually across its width.  The steak look just like any other steak I had come across. But what would the taste be like? It was served with a side of cassava fries and chimicurri.

After writing for an hour yesterday, I was starving. I drove home to find every stew in the freezer and anything to go with it in its raw state; yam was raw, rice also raw and no kenkey in sight. Stomach grumbling i drove out to look for food. But my search for food didn’t want to include anything continental, I was revved up for a local dish. 

As i drove along the bustling streets of Osu, I remembered my friends Joe and Klenam eating out at an attieke place on Friday night. I quickly telegrammed Klenam on the directions only for him to come back and ask me to come to Chase restaurant. Dude I am in a local chow mood, I texted back. He didn’t respond again.