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#MyKpenkpeshie: Award-Winning Actress Lydia Forson Shares Her Natural Hair Journey, Thoughts On Men Who Love Natural Hair & More...

I had a man in my life one time, who actually told me he doesn’t want to wake up next to a boy. There was a very long time when my hair was very short, I texturized it at one point. But when you have men in your life who question whether you are pretty enough in short hair it can be an uncomfortable conversation

It was admiration because it’s different. It’s not a look most people have seen. Interestingly, people thought I wasn’t Ghanaian. They thought I was Malian because they think East Africans rock this. A few times I heard some people speak in Twi, “Ah, ofiri Ghana anaa oy3 America ni?” Generally, I think when people see others trying to overly embrace their heritage, it’s assumed they are coming from outside. So yeah, it’s been mostly admiration.

#MyKpenkpeshie: Kim Green On Societal Reaction to Her Natural Hair.

Kim Green is a Capacity Building Manager at YES-Ghana and we met at Twists n Locs recently.  I sat by her whilst waiting to be picked up after my cornrow+twists updo. Her compliment on my hair saw me grinning and asking if she wouldn’t mind being featured on #MyKpenkpeshie. Her grin and laugh said it all!  She shares her natural hair journey with regards to societal reaction to the change as well as products she uses.

Make Your Natural Hair Resolutions For 2016 for Longer, Healthier, Lust Worthy Natural Hair. #MyKpenkpeshie

Admit it. You didn't play nice with your natural hair in 2015. You broke some natural hair rules and even possibly added some small chemical to soften it. Yikes!

So like everyone else ( or maybe 70% of the world's population) you have written down some resolutions and decided to be more loving to grow your natural hair to a lust worthy length and texture . Here are some useful and helpful resolutions you can set in addition to what you might already be having. 

#MyKpenkpeshie: An AfricanCity Co-Producer Ms. Adjei Spills The Beans On Her Magnificent Natural Hair & Other Things You Would Love to Know!

1. My thoughts on African women going back to their natural hair roots

 I'm excited to see more women on the continent ( and Ghana specifically) embracing their natural hair. It's been a drastic change from even 5 years ago. I can't tell you how many people (family members included) told me to relax my hair or assumed I was African American when I was visiting Ghana 5 years ago.

#MyKpenkpeshie: Cameroonian Blogger, Fadima Shares Fantastic Natural Hair Secrets!


Which natural hair product is your favourite?

My favourite brand is Giovanni ! It’s a US natural hair products brand, which produce fantastic organic products. I have been using it for years! They have shampoos, conditioners and leave-ins. I mostly use the 50-50 conditioner and the direct leave-in conditioner which is part of my natural hair regime. I am very happy with their products.