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The Must-See Men's Street Style At The New York Fashion Week

The Lincoln Center was flooded with fashion bloggers, freelance photographers, personal stylists and fashion peacocks all looking to photograph or to be photographed, to pin or be pinned. Its easy to focus one's lens on the women fashion and forget the men street style on display as well. And boy were they dressed to the fashion nines! The men had something important to say in all kinds of blazers, fedora hats, ankle pants (trousers), lapel pins and it went on and on! Their style ranged from laid-back casual to personal gothic. I got to speak to a few of the Gentry on their wear and naturally captured their looks as well. Enjoy the fashion eye candy. 

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2015- Photos Galore!

Following fashion weeks whether its Paris Fashion Week or London Fashion Week has always been a passion for me. Most of often this has been online through my Flipboard magazines via Style, Glamour or Harper's Bazaar. But this year, I was determined to attend the New York Fashion Week and nothing was going to stop me! Nothing!

So here I am in New York and unbelievably standing amongst international fashion bloggers, global fashion TV networks and free-lance photographers snapping away at fashion peacocks at the Lincoln Centre during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Amazingness would never end!