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Yes, You Can Be A Sensational Natural Hair Bride!

So recently,  I told my boyfriend now my fiancé of my intention to wear my natural hair during the wedding and guess what ?  He said ‘Eh?’ And laughed.  But it wasn’t a laughter of scorn to belittle me. I don’t blame him as I had been referring to my hair as kpenkpeshie after some days of not combing it. And all he could see was flatish clumpy hair. But he loves my hair too. 

I then said, ‘herh! I am going to blog about your reaction! Do you think there aren’t beautiful hairstyles for natural hair for weddings? Let me educate you!'

How To Make A Simple But Fabulous Kinky Twist HairStyle

Kinky twists have been around for some time. I never really thought they were the type of hair braid to look good on me. First of all, they look tough and non-flexible and it looked like a one way styled hair because every woman i saw with one had it just straight down and short. Just boring. But then over time, the weave used to braid kinky twists got softer and more flexible. Hallelujah! I still didnt try it out. Until last three weeks, when i run out of options on what to do to my transitioning hair that I decided to try the hair that looked like palm kernel female husks (the one that was lit and placed in a bowl to drive away mosquitoes).

Naturally I went to Pinterest for some inspiration and I came across loads of cool pinspiration on long kinky twists. I gathered my vim and went to Auntie Alice and got them done! Boy was it fast too.. i was done in less than 3 hours! I chose to do shoulder length twist braids with Carribean curls because I didnt want to get bored with a monotonous style so as to keep the hair as long as possible. Now I cant get enough of it!