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How To: 3 Ways To Wear A HeadScarf.

One of the reasons I believe some women don't let their braids last (taking it out after two-three weeks is, boredom. They get bored and tired of having a braids bun all the time so the interest is lost soon. 

But wait a minute! Hollop, Hollop! With a simple scarf did you know you could literally change your look whilst in braids? Like you didn't already know! Whether it's African Print or any other fabric, a head scarf will save you from a bad hair day and any other day when your braids or hair just refuses to listen to you. 

Ariel's Haven & Spa, A Divine & Private Spa Experience in Accra

There are a few spa’s in Ghana providing wellness and grooming services to bring relaxation, improve blood circulation and boost one’s self-esteem. A good example is Ariel’s Haven Salon & Spa, an intimate spa providing personal detailed services for facials, massages, manicures and pedicures for both men and women.

I went there to get my first facial done after a stressful week of juggling a day job and my crafts work.

Wig caps. The trendy hairstyle for many African women looking to save time at the salon and money spent on weave-ons. 

I have a few wig caps myself after I realised how much time and money I could save on my hair life. But after my first three I was faced with a challenge; how on earth am I going to maintain the shape of the cap? O_o??? There was no way I was going to buy mannequin heads for wigs and display them in my room (storage lacking as well) because that would have looked really weird!