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For Two Centuries, This Ghanaian Local Bakery Bakes The Most Luscious Bread Using This Traditional Baking Technique You Have Never Seen Before. 

I am forever drawn to the use of traditional cooking techniques and just like the family business which bakes pork in the clay oven, this bread was also being baked in same. That’s not all. The dough is allowed to prove ( the resting period for dough to rise) on…guess what…leaves. Not just any leaves but the ‘waakye' leaves we all know and love. Isn’t that an incredible piece of information?? I know right! Now this bread is called Baa Mli Blodo

This Ga Family Has Operated a Domedo Business In Adabraka for almost 100 Years, Here's Their Story.

The Mensah family has run a small-scale Domedo business for almost 100 years and I recently paid them a visit after being introduced to them by my friend Naa Akuyea. I was curious to know what their story was , more so especially after learning that they used a centuries-old traditional cooking technique to bake pork; a clay oven which we call Flornorr in Ga. 

Easy to Make: Guinea Fowl Noodle Soup Recipe

I later decided to create a soup recipe using the hardy Guinea Fowl meat using a basic English-style Chicken soup inspo. All I needed was to create stock. Where was I going to get stock? Definitely not in the store. Even if they sold canned Guinea Fowl stock I would without a doubt make my own. Much healthier that way.