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For Two Centuries, This Ghanaian Local Bakery Bakes The Most Luscious Bread Using This Traditional Baking Technique You Have Never Seen Before. 

I am forever drawn to the use of traditional cooking techniques and just like the family business which bakes pork in the clay oven, this bread was also being baked in same. That’s not all. The dough is allowed to prove ( the resting period for dough to rise) on…guess what…leaves. Not just any leaves but the ‘waakye' leaves we all know and love. Isn’t that an incredible piece of information?? I know right! Now this bread is called Baa Mli Blodo

This Ga Family Has Operated a Domedo Business In Adabraka for almost 100 Years, Here's Their Story.

The Mensah family has run a small-scale Domedo business for almost 100 years and I recently paid them a visit after being introduced to them by my friend Naa Akuyea. I was curious to know what their story was , more so especially after learning that they used a centuries-old traditional cooking technique to bake pork; a clay oven which we call Flornorr in Ga. 

#MeetTheChef - Emerging Nomadic & Private Chef Amfo of Biishville Serving An Intimate Dining Experience.

The dining experience is slowly but surely changing in Ghana with the growth of private chefs giving Ghanaians a pleasurable dining affair not often found in the average traditional restaurant. There is a steady incline of young chefs dedicating their work to nomadic (pop-up restaurants) & private chef services. One of such new generation chefs is a young man who out of a passion for cooking has turned that zeal into a business venture which is making the waves in Accra. 

Chef Amfo hosted us recently to experience not only his food but also to give more insight into his journey into this industry and the daily challenges he faces as well.

A Journey Into The Best Beans Joint in Osu.

Here’s an inside look at how beans is sold atthe Beans Joint and at most beans joints in the city. The procedure is basically the same but the taste is always different from place to place. I recorded the ambient noise and conversation exchanges between buyer and seller so you get an appreciation of how streetfood is bought in Ghana. 

Surprise Your Mom This #MothersDay By Cooking For Her in the Instagram Contest #CookingForMa

If you are stuck in a rut as to what to get or do for your Mom this Mother's Day, then you are in serious luck! 

You can cook for her as part of the Instagram Contest, my food blog is running, towards 8th May which is this year's MothersDay. This can be your favourite meal which she made for you over the years or a traditional dish you are really good at. Think outside the box on this one. 

There are prizes to be won! Two gift vouchers to be given to the Ultimate winner and the first runner up. 

How to Make Your Own Homemade Ground Spices

Freshly ground spices is just too fantastically flavorsome! Bottled spices has NOTHING on homemade ground spices! Nothing kwraa!  

Best way to grind up spices is to use a dry mill machine. We got a Kenwood food processor sometime ago which had an additional two-blade dry grinder mill. It's great for grinding all kinds of spices, herbs and nuts.