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Photos & More From FashionistaGh #fghshop2015.

FashionistaGh held its annual shopping festival once again and it was still an unmissable event. The three day shopping festival #fghshop2015 was all hustle and bustle in the bristling 33 degree heat. Despite numberous air-conditioning, the heat just refused to leave the white enclave drenching both vendors and buyers in uncompromising sweat! Nevertheless both participants had a grand time strolling through hundreds of stands and emptying their pockets for the latest African fashion and accessories.

A Weekend of African Fashion Shopping At FashionistaGh Shopping Festival

Its that time of year where fashionistas, fashion bloggers, fashion labels, beauty brands and food vendors gather to eat, shop, take selfies and do more shopping! #Fghshop an initiative by FashionistaGh has been an annual shopping festival in Ghana for the past three years. Its happening once again at the International Trade Fair Centre, Pavilion A and starts from 10am to 8pm each day. 

The Names & Meaning of The WaxPrint Designs on Our African Print Fabrics.

Some say its not African print because it was the Dutch (Vlisco) who brought it to our shores. So what were we wearing before they did? I would have to find that out. But what I know is that most of these prints have a story behind the designs. There are some fabrics with designs dating way back in my great grandmother’s time and possibly before. A few of these can still be seen today. 

Why is it that some patterns have tortoises on them and some parade large fans in bold and dazzling colors? Its easy to see fingers, lipstick, elephants, birds etc in the array of patterns on our African print. I was curious to find out what each meant, after all its what we wear and there has to be more to the story of the designs on our African print.

The Ethical Fashion Initiative Pop-Up Shop Event By International Trade Centre

Ethical Fashion Initiative, a project sponsored by the Swiss Government and managed by ITC (International Trade Centre) organised a fashion pop-up shop featuring local Ghanaian fashion designers. The event held over a three day period put up on display intriguing ethnic and western fashion; the kind which makes a statement whilst walking down the streets of Osu or lounging by the poolside at Movenpick Hotel. 

I passed by after work to engage with the designers to find out more on what they had to offer the fashion industry in Ghana and if there were any treasures to be found. 

Designer labels such as Ameyo, MultiBella, Alinafe, Enaj Bijou, Nuna Couture, Sambalakewear were amongst the few I caught up with. 

What To Wear To The Office Tomorrow: Blue Jeans, White Tee & African accessories.

Yayy!! Friday is here already. Ready for another fashion dish on what to wear to the office tomorrow? Why not try Western fashion simplicity with touches of African fashion accessories?  If your office permits smart casual Fridays; why not try dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt or short-sleeved tee and a navy blue blazer, top this off with an African beaded necklace or a Peter-Pan collar necklace to complete the look?

What To Wear To The Office Tomorrow: #MIGStyle

This is the first of many style posts on fab ideas on what to wear for a Friday in the office. Style tips with lots of emphasis on African print, accessories, etc. Just to inspire you every Friday morning and to keep a smile on your face through the day due to great compliments! You are beyond worth it! So every Friday before you leave the office, I will bring to your desktop and mobile phone some fab fashion inspiration to save you time Friday mornings! These posts are also towards promoting #MadeInGhana fashion, crafts and accessories!