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How To Vote For My Blog For The BloggingGhana Blogging & Social Media Awards 2016.

I love to blog. I never realised that my love for reading and writing poems and short stories would grow into this beautiful blog and space for creating and sharing incredibly valuable content.  Its been five years and counting since I started to blog, writing first about my opinions on things which interested me which interestingly spanned from weddings, relationships, food etc. Eventually this all came together to be a lifestyle blog. 

I joined Blogging Ghana some three years ago to be more connected to other Ghanaian bloggers in the blogosphere and learn ways to improve on my blogging skills. It's been a great association since I joined. Blogging Ghana is once again holding its Blogging & Social Media Awards 2016 to recognise and award bloggers who are creating original content and have an influential following on social media. 

Nominations Are Up For Blogging Ghana's, Blogging & Social Media Awards for 2016. #BloGHAwards16

The association of more than 200 members has over the past held the awards to recognize Ghanaian bloggers who create original and unique content across different topics in new media. The awards ceremony also awards organizations and individuals who are influential on social media whether in terms of followers, engagement or content. This is the fourth award event being held.

The nominations for 2016 are currently open for you to vote for your favourite blogger or blog as well as accounts on social media who are raking in the metrics.

You can vote here . The deadline for submission of nominations is the 29th of January, 2016. In case you are not sure of which blogs exist in Ghana then check out the blog roll call list here.

Lessons Learned From Being a 'GangLeader' For The Winning Team #SuameGang

When I was asked if I wanted to be a “GangLeader”  for a blogwalk as part of #blogcamp15, I saw it as an opportunity to do something different and exciting! After all how many times did I get the chance to capture a suburb of Kumasi with my own gang members? Like never.

#SuameGang, #AsafoGang and #AdumGang were the three gangs  set to pitch against each other to determine the best gang to have the best and most photos of a suburb in Kumasi. After much planning and strategizing, my gang #SuameGang won! What a feeling it was too! We had worked hard, walked through mazes of Suame magazine metalwork shops and foundries and communicated pretty well for a group in which many people had never each other before until the walk.

I learnt some very valuable lessons whilst I was a GangLeader of the #SuameGang which I would I believe helped in helping us to win

Catch Up On What You Missed During The BloggingGhana Blogging and Social Media Awards Night.

The euphoria has almost waned out for many Ghanaian bloggers who attended the glitzy purply social media awards night organised by Blogging Ghana at the serene Coconut Grove Regency Hotel. My euphoria however is still on cloud 6, as I got to do something different this year! I was given the spot of holding red-carpet interviews with the invited guests, nominees and bloggers before the show started. That was a memorable experience and actually came close to being an E! show! 

A fruit smoothie is an excellent health option for the individual looking to reduce soda or as we call it here ‘soft drinks’ intake. When you decide to kick drinking Coke, its sadly also the time that you are bound to be bombarded with brilliant Coke ads and often the only choice of drink offered at a lunch party.  Have you ever stopped to wonder what benefits you gain from drinking a smoothie or do you drink it because everyone is drinking it and you just want to look cool? Whatever your reasons are, its important to note what you consume and how beneficial it can be for your health.