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African Print in Winter.

When summer season is winding down, it's easy to feel a little sad because you'll likely be trading in your bold, bright prints for some dull dreary shades of grey and black for the winter.  But these days you don't have to give up bold colours just because summer is over.

13 Times The Blue Jeans Shirt Is A Must-Have In Your Wardrobe.

The blue jeans shirt has come to stay. Whether long sleeves or three-quarters, this piece of clothing has pitched tent especially for African print lovers. Why? Because the shirt combines perfectly with any African print skirt any day, any time. Skirts ranging from pencil skirts, A-Line skirt, pleated skirts, long gypsy skirts etc all made using African print fabric look amazeballs when put together with a blue jeans shirt. 

It not only looks great with African print but also a great fashion savings clothing. One shirt to go with different African print skirts. 

The Names & Meaning of The WaxPrint Designs on Our African Print Fabrics.

Some say its not African print because it was the Dutch (Vlisco) who brought it to our shores. So what were we wearing before they did? I would have to find that out. But what I know is that most of these prints have a story behind the designs. There are some fabrics with designs dating way back in my great grandmother’s time and possibly before. A few of these can still be seen today. 

Why is it that some patterns have tortoises on them and some parade large fans in bold and dazzling colors? Its easy to see fingers, lipstick, elephants, birds etc in the array of patterns on our African print. I was curious to find out what each meant, after all its what we wear and there has to be more to the story of the designs on our African print.

#VGMA2014 You No Force Kwraa (Worst) Fashion Moments

I have always been intrigued by the choice of wear for most events in Ghana especially music awards, movie awards, musical concerts etc. I have seen some disastrous outfits which leave little to the imagination and raises a few eyebrows from onlookers. 

Sadly the fans and some guests arrived at the #VGMA2014 awards looking like they had to squeeze every fat into a smaller sized dress whilst some walked or attempted to walk in mountainous platforms which forced them to walk like drunken giraffes. I am being a bit sharp but what I saw yesterday just makes me wonder why someone would put themselves through the pain and discomfort in order to look 'fashionable'? 

Vodafone Ghana Music Awards - The Fashion Trends

If awards were to be given to best dressed and best looks at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (#VGMA2014), there would have been a select few amongst some personalities who turned up at the event. 

It was fascinating to note the beauty and fashion trends at the event which ranged from long shimmering gowns to deep v-necked dresses and not forgetting cut-out dresses. Bold eyebrows was also a make-up trend with bold red lipsticks to match. The men also came out in suits, traditional wear and lots of swag. 

What To Wear To The Office Tomorrow: Blue Jeans, White Tee & African accessories.

Yayy!! Friday is here already. Ready for another fashion dish on what to wear to the office tomorrow? Why not try Western fashion simplicity with touches of African fashion accessories?  If your office permits smart casual Fridays; why not try dark blue jeans, a white t-shirt or short-sleeved tee and a navy blue blazer, top this off with an African beaded necklace or a Peter-Pan collar necklace to complete the look?