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Ericsson Ghana Engages Female Engineering Students In Support of Womens Day (#IWD2015)

The 8th of every March is International Women’s Day globally and this year’s observance was held as usual since its first on February 28, 1909 in New York. And to celebrate this year’s event , Ericsson Ghana to show their support for women advancement across the globe, held a mentoring and speaking session to engage female engineering students from the various tertiary institutions across the country with esteemed world-recognised women in engineering and technology careers.

 Women are breaking the glass ceiling in every country in previously male-dominated jobs and industries. On International Women's Day celebrated worldwide on the 8th of March, there was a lot of talk on radio about inspirational women from different spheres of life and their inspirational accomplishments. Sometimes, certain names ring consistently and repeatedly throughout and sometimes with great ease we can easily roll off our tongues when asked to mention a woman of great inspiration.