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The Joy of Making Melon & Mango Khebabs.

Doing things together as a couple to build intimacy can come in different forms. It's not just going out to eat or hangout at pubs and joints, but understanding each other's passion and interests. Imagine learning how to play video games with your partner whilst he also learns how to create flatlay product photos which you love to do? Incredible time for knowing more about each other.

A Journey Into The Best Beans Joint in Osu.

Here’s an inside look at how beans is sold atthe Beans Joint and at most beans joints in the city. The procedure is basically the same but the taste is always different from place to place. I recorded the ambient noise and conversation exchanges between buyer and seller so you get an appreciation of how streetfood is bought in Ghana. 

Surprise Your Mom This #MothersDay By Cooking For Her in the Instagram Contest #CookingForMa

If you are stuck in a rut as to what to get or do for your Mom this Mother's Day, then you are in serious luck! 

You can cook for her as part of the Instagram Contest, my food blog is running, towards 8th May which is this year's MothersDay. This can be your favourite meal which she made for you over the years or a traditional dish you are really good at. Think outside the box on this one. 

There are prizes to be won! Two gift vouchers to be given to the Ultimate winner and the first runner up. 

Easy-to-Make : Baked Grouper Fish With Sweet Red Potatoes.

There was no way I was going to use frozen fish for this dinner.  Fresh fish all the way. If ever you are looking to buy fresh fish from the seaside on a Sunday, then you can try out this area behind the Osu Castle also called ‘Tsei Ashi’ (this means under the trees). The local fishermen can be found there from 4pm displaying their catch on wooden pallets. That gutter there tho. I keep wondering why we don’t have more organized markets in this country. Like, if I want to go to the fish market there isn’t any, I have to go to a normal market and hunt down the fish sellers.