PHOTOS: The Accra Vintage Car Show

PHOTOS: The Accra Vintage Car Show

Total Ghana sponsored the Accra Vintage Car Show which was held this weekend with a strong focus on the theme INTEGRITY. 

The show started with a round-about-town procession on the principal streets of Accra and finally ending at the Accra Polo Court for public display. The vintage cars privately owned by Ghanaians attested to how much love and care had gone into preserving the timeless brands of major car makers. Although the number of cars weren't that many to the disappointment of some   persons at the event; it nevertheless gave an indication of the potential of such an event in the future. 

Below are the car brands and models that showed up at the maiden event. 

After the procession in town, in came the much awaited princesses. 

Rolls Royce 1968 Silver Shadow model

Mercedes Benz 


The vintage Jaguar model; XJS and Mark 2 gathered much attention after the Rolls Royce. Here's to hoping TATA maintains the integrity of the brand. 

Jaguar XJS 1972


The most impressive vehicle was the Rolls Royce which the owner compared to Sule Muntari (I'm in total agreement). The inside interior was smooth and well-polished with an LCD screen nestled in from the ignition. 

Interior of Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Its amazing how car technology has evolved over the years just like mobile technology. Driving manual alone is challenging for the millennial how much more one with a gear technology like this car? Impossible!

Gear technology of Rolls Royce

Polished body and features of the Rolls Royce Silvershadow


Jaguar Mark 2


Wondering how to start a Jaguar Mark 2? Turn the key and press the button next to it. 

Polished Interior of the Jaguar Mark 2

Wheel caps are not made with such personality anymore. 

Wheel of Jaguar MARK 2

Jaguar XJS 1972

Jaguar XJS 1972

Then came the part where the show was stolen by some people bringing in a BMW, Mercedes Benz C63 AMG and monster truck to take the shine away from the event. They must have missed the memo which said 'Vintage Car Show'. 

Aside the car show, there were other organisations like Pumpkins Foundation; a child focused NGO working to improve the general wellbeing of poor and needy children in Ghana. They displayed and sold fascinating and creative artwork by the kids who are mentored by artists and other creatives. 

Follow the hashtag #TotalAVCS on social media to discover more from the event. 

What did you think of the event if you were there? 

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THIS WEEKEND: The Accra Vintage Car Show You Cant Afford To Miss!

THIS WEEKEND: The Accra Vintage Car Show You Cant Afford To Miss!