Pick Your Startup Name from These 22 Select Ga Words .

Pick Your Startup Name from These 22 Select Ga Words .

Pick Your Startup Name from These 22 Select Ga Words ..jpg

Generating a great startup name can be a quite a task, isn’t it? And especially if you want to avoid using your personal name, religious connotations ( which are very popular with small businesses and corner stores ) or downright pirating of existing global companies, then picking the perfect business name can be daunting and frustrating. 

For the past 5-8 years, Akan and a few Northern language catch phrases and words have become quite the thing for Ghanaian startups to use for their business names. A few of these are; SikaApp, Aduanehene, Mmofra Park, NokwareSkincare, Mintoma, Adongo, Jaara, Tonaton etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the use of Akan words & phrases don’t get me wrong but what of the Ga language ? 

A few startups have taken to the use of Ga words to name their businesses such as Jaarnor meaning market, Hei Julor meaning ‘Hey Thief’ picked by a security firm; TeaBaa meaning tea leaves is a popular eatery in Osu, Forhey meaning to wash used by a laundry startup. Are these startups owned by Ga founders? Not really. 

Here are my select list of common Ga words ( mostly nouns) with their meanings and also the industry they can be applied to. I will also share a trick being used by startup name generators to make it way easier than just using the words. You are welcome.

  1. Shia

Meaning: House 

Industry: Real Estate / Mortgage Startups

2. Sanfle 

Meaning : Key

Industry: Fintech Startups

3. Tsone

Meaning: Car

Industry: Transport / Ride Sharing Startups

4. Gbek3

Meaning: Child

Industry: Maternity & Baby Supplies Startups  

5. Tsofa

Meaning: Drug

Industry: Medical startups

6. Samla

Meaning: Soap

Industry: Laundry/Detergent Supplies Startups


7. Saatso

Meaning: Bed

Industry : Interior-design and accessories startups


8. Adoawa

Meaning: Fruit

Industry: Greens & Organics Startups


9. Dzama

Meaning: Celebration 

Industry: Entertainment Startups


10. Gowa   

Meaning: Guava fruit

Industry: Veggies & Fruits/Fashion Startups

11. Akutu

Meaning: Orange fruit

Industry : Veggies & Fruits/ Beverage Startups


12. Hunu

Meaning: Sun

Industry: Fintech/ Energy Startups


13. Sunde

Meaning: Pillow

Industry: Interiors/Artwork Startups 


14. Sane

Meaning: Issues

Industry: Law Firm Startups 


15. Manye

Meaning: Queen

Industry: Fashion/ Beauty Startups 


16. Ashinor

Meaning: Beads

Industry: Fashion/ Crafts Startups


17. Tsuru

Meaning: The color Red

Industry: Fintech / Medical Startups 


18. Dzata

Meaning : Lion

Industry: Fintech/ Fashion /  Agribusiness/ Petshop 


19. Hewale

Meaning: Healthy

Industry: Medical / Automobile / Music Studio Startup


20. Kunim

Meaning : Victory

Industry: Fintech / Religious App Startups


21. Falefale

Meaning: Neatness

Industry: Cleaning Services / Housekeeping Startups


22. Suban

Meaning: Character 

Industry: Educational Startup

Although not a comprehensive list, these are some easy words to inspire naming your startup. 

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The trick I mentioned to find that great startup name? Combine two words in the list to create a single startup name . Example: HunuTsuru ( Red Sun) ManyeAshinor ( Queen Beads). Word combination is great not only in this aspect of using Ga words but also for other local languages.

Now it’s so much easier thinking of the name for your startup isn’t it? Think of this; ManyeCouture , Hewale Studio, Kunim Money Wallet, Sunde Interiors, cool isn’t it? Make sure to check the availability of these names on the various social media platforms before you get all excited. If available, save it for later and perhaps start thinking of the domain availability as well. You can also ask your existing customers or prospective audience on the new name to gauge their receptiveness towards it. 

Which word was your favourite? Do you know other Ga words which will be awesome for naming a startup? I would love to know them as well, please share in the comments below. 



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