How To Make A Sisal Rope Flower Vase For Your Living Room.

How To Make A Sisal Rope Flower Vase For Your Living Room.

Our interior design for our first home has pretty much been Pinterest-inspired..just like our wedding! My husband and I put our heads together on deciding the look for the bedroom, living room and home office. He left the kitchen for me though..I wonder why 🤔😜. 

We have a pretty minimalistic living room with dark wood furniture inspo. I needed a simple flower vase with a simple but attractive bouquet to add some colour to the all the dark tones. Natural flowers are expensive in Ghana and being an orchid & rose kinda gal I wasn't about to splurge on natural orchids and roses which cost GHC 150 and above. That would put a hole in my purse 😅. I also didn't want those imported chinese vases lining the shelves in the supermarket.

 Why don't I make my own, I thought to myself? And that's exactly what I did ! 

It was super easy to get the materials to make this Sisal Rope Vase. All I did was to take a trip to Acrilex and to Orca Decor and off I went to create gorgeousness. It was late when I worked on this and hubby wasn't around to take the step-by-step photos 😩 so i will do my upmost best to take you through the very easy steps. Very easy trust me 😉.

Here are the Materials you will need to make this conversation-starting, home brightening sisal rope flower vase. 

 from Acrilex

  • Paperboard Flower Vase
  • 1/4 inch thick Sisal rope

The rest:

  • White wood glue from any hardware store
  • Artificial flowers from any floral store in Accra
  • Gloves 
  • Ice-cream stick or old nail file for glue application
  • a pair of scissors


1. Wear your gloves and using the ice-cream stick dip into glue and apply along the lines of the first end of the rope to the bottom of the vase. Secure the end tightly partially under the vase.

2. Keep wrapping and gluing your way around the paperboard vase. Push rope closer with your forefinger if there are any gaps. Avoid gluing the whole vase as glue can dry out easily.

3. Cut the end of the rope when at the open end of the vase and secure tightly at the edge. 

That was easy right? And aren't the flowers absolutely gorgeous and so in sync with the vase?

I spent almost 30mins trying to choose the right kind of flowers which weren't tacky. I trimmed off the ends of the flowers to fit into the vase which was easy to do with the scissors. 

The Sisal vase also goes great with our sofa and plus the flowers brightens up the living room. A long necked vase is very minimalist which draws attention to the colourful buds. 

In all I spent about GHC80 for both flowers, vase and sisal rope. This is cost-saving as it's unbreakable and totally easy to clean when dusty. Winning!  

I now have some extra sisal rope and it's giving me crazy ideas on what to use it for 😆. Creating your own custom interior pieces for your home really gives it a personal feel and love instead of buying cheap Chinese products from Makola. Pinterest is full of many ideas and now is a great time to make your home your very own. Have fun trying this out! Be happy ! 


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