If You Haven't Been To Aqua Safari Yet...Here Are Some Pretty Cool Photos To Make You Pack Up This Weekend.

If You Haven't Been To Aqua Safari Yet...Here Are Some Pretty Cool Photos To Make You Pack Up This Weekend.

I have stayed in many hotels in Ghana  🤔 that's pretty interesting now that I think of it . I haven't counted but I know I have stayed in low-budget (0 stars)  to 3 star hotels in different parts of the country  with each serving up a whole new experience altogether. Whether it's good or awful customer service, memorable menus, incredible ambiance or the most comfiest of hotel beds, the hotel industry experience is in the palm of my hand. Overall i would say that there's so much more exciting offerings hotels in Ghana can do to boost tourism in Ghana and add spicy adventures to the lives of Ghanaians. 

There aren't many resorts in Ghana which have excited me as much as Aqua Safari Resort located in Big Ada. Trust me, very very few hotels in Ghana can get me all worked up.  

I was struck by the mammoth wooden upside-down boat in the middle of the compound which  greeted us through the windows of  the Tuk Tuk hotel taxi. The taxi alone was super chill! 

We were all oohs and aahs as we oogled. My eye got caught on a life-like pink pelican and I yanked my husband's arm to look . I almost lost it when the bird fluttered it's wings😝. A mini-zoo was right at the entrance to the hotels reception and me being an animal lover couldn't help going closer 😄. 

The reception is housed in a partial gigantic ship hull. Decor pieces are subtly modern pieces with Ghanaian lifestyle touches in both the rooms and surrounding areas. 


Equestrian outdoor artwork 

Customer service at Aqua Safari was actually better and friendlier compared to some 2&3 star hotels in Ghana. Our bellhop was smart and friendly as he took our luggages to our room. 


The room was clean and the bathroom cleaner and fresher! Although not a big bathroom, the shower was sizeable enough for even two. Think romantic showers 😎. 

We didn't have any trouble with the standard room and the WiFi was pretty good for even a Google hangout call which my husband had later in the evening. 


The resort restaurant faces the Volta River which passes through Ada to the sea via the estuary.


         Front View of the Restaurant

 Several outdoor seating areas closer to the river offer a much more intimate contact with the river. Better for selfies 😍. But do have some mosquito repellent on you just in case.  



A few waterfront suites also face the river.  

The food at Aqua Safari is just Okay. It's nothing fancy or tasty or memorable as compared to food at let's say Labadi Beach hotel.  


The cherry which sits atop the cream at this resort are the water sports you can totally enjoy with your partner and friends. For about GHC 30 you can get 20 mins or so ride on a jet ski.


Although I was very hesitant to get on board the water jet ski, I soon found myself unable to get off. What heart throbbing madness! 😂


There was volleyball, badminton, larger boat rides and other sporting equipment available as well. 



More hotels should consider incorporating fun gaming activities for couples whether for indoor or outdoor. Give value for customers money, I say. 

Do pack an umbrella if you plan on heading there this weekend. 

Price wise it's in the range of $$$  yet worth the value provided. You can also just go there for a day's trip to experience the water sports and riverside ambiance. Big Ada is just two hours or less (depending on who's driving)  from the Tema Roundabout.


We had an incredibly wonderful time though short but with a promise to be back.  

Which resort in Ghana is your favorite? Share a memorable experience at any resort you have stayed in in the comments below.  












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