How to Make Your Own Homemade Ground Spices

How to Make Your Own Homemade Ground Spices

These spices I got from the spice market need a good home.  " Why not grind them up you little foodian," said my thinking self. Good idea! 

Freshly ground spices is just too fantastically flavorsome! Bottled spices has NOTHING on homemade ground spices! Nothing kwraa!  

Best way to grind up spices is to use a dry grinding mill machine. We got a Philips food processor sometime ago which had an additional two-blade dry grinder mill. It's great for grinding all kinds of spices, herbs and nuts.   

1. Pour the whole spice in the crushing cabin up to the max level indicated. I however was easier on bigger spice like the Grains of Selim. Due to its high fibrous nature I went easy on it. 

2. Tighten the closure. Some spices are naughty and like to seep down to the motor.

3. Set speed at 1. Run it for about 10 seconds and pause. Depending on the size of the spices it's good to let the motor rest before continuing. This grinder does a good job but I still had to grind the peppercorns three times for a smooth finish.  increase the speed if you have a stronger dry grinder. The sky is your limit darling. 

4. Listen to the sound of the grinding. I noticed how less noisy and clickety clackety the grinding became as the spice became smoother. Great sign isn't it? Fab!  

5. Check for smoothness depending on spice. For the Grains of Selim and Cloves I wanted a less smoother texture. I love fibre.  


6. Pour into dry containers. This can be plastic or glass. For some weeks now we have been buying Judi Foods peanuts which have left plastic jars on the shelves. Time for a reuse I would say. The tighter the better. Oh  before I forget Acrilex also has really cute spice jars for 5 cedis and above. 

7. Label the containers before you grab the wrong one by mistake lol! 

Label spices  

Label spices  

8. Enjoy a flavorful moment using these great local spices! 

Tip: Ground Spices make great birthday and wedding gifts for your foodie friends! 

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I made a Vine for the easy get-spicy-real-quick-scheme. 

Have you tried grinding your own spices for home use? Which other way aside using the grinder did you use? Do share in the comments below.

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