How To Get Better Skin: Shea Body Butter

How To Get Better Skin: Shea Body Butter


Harmattan is here with ferocity! But isn't it interesting how it's not as super dry as it used to be? I remember how I once woke up with a nose bleed! Eww..those where the days! 😆 The low visibility attributed to the Sahara dust strolling down from the North is definitely making it's presence felt and the heat has doubled up! It's still highly crucial to keep up your moisturising routine. 

I recently discovered a new shea-butter brand called Nokware Skincare and as you know the market is slowly becoming saturated with shea-butter and alata samina (Black Soap) hair and skin products. This makes it difficult in choosing which to add to your beauty routine because you wonder if it's truly organic as the labelling says and whether indeed there's an absence of parabens. But after using this new Ghanaian beauty brand's Almond & Avocado Oil laced shea-butter, I can't help but be more convinced that, it's the real deal. 

The very rustic use of natural Ghanaian elements such as calabashes as containers for it's soap line and jute easily helps you to identify the product on any shelf. A truly definitive packaging. 

The varying range of body butters ( also great for my natural hair and yours) spoils me for choice and I don't regret choosing the Almond & Avocado and the glorious Neem Oil Black Soap. All these natural ingredients are highly touted as containing rich nutrients for skin and total body care. 

How To Use Shea Body Butter In Your Everyday Life


As a food and lifestyle blogger, my hands are always busy and easily get's dry from being exposed to cooking oils, spices, water, long periods of typing etc. And now there's harmattan 😩! You catch my drift. Our hands need to be moisturised more than once a day so it makes perfect sense to have a one of the body butters' in your handbag or car. I have kept mine by my laptop and at least every other hour, I moisturise. After cooking, I moisturise. The harmattan isn't kind either, reducing dry and crackly-looking skin means using the shea body butter at every opportunity you get. The shea body butter does magic on the really dry stubborn parts such as the elbows and heels. I know mine are super thankful right now. The fragrance of the body butter truly speaks of only organic products in it's production. 

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After cutting my hair, it's now much easier maintaining it but doesn't mean I have been absolved from moisturising and keeping a healthy natural hair. Definitely free of parabens, the body butter also has worked perfectly with my hair transforming and giving it a more luscious feel. If you have ever used Avocado oil on your hair, you would know what I am going on about (Please say you have!) Work through the ends of your hair to the scalp with the soft & very succulent shea butter and the shea will do the rest. 


Facial & Body Wash

It's been almost a week since I started using Nokware as a key addition in my total skincare routine. The Neem Oil Black Soap lathers excellently for my facial and body wash. It lathers very well and I let it sit on my face for about 2 minutes. It's time I got their loofah as well to make my facial wash more luxurious! Wash your face morning and evening before bed to gain the benefits of using the wash. Alata samina with blends of Baobab Oil and Neem Oil makes me believe they are actually skin elixirs. Isn't it interesting how Ghanaians are using and loving their local resources which have added value? This wasn't so some years back. 


What do I dislike about the product? Nothing yet. The price is sokoo! Pretty easy on the pocket between the range of GHC8- GHC 11 and you can buy online at or send them a DM on Instagram. Oh the service is also 🤘🏾🤘🏾! 

Do you use sheabutter in your skincare routine? How has it worked out for you? Do share in the comments below. 

I was financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.



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