How to Clean Your Makeup Brush Using Alata Samina

How to Clean Your Makeup Brush Using Alata Samina


Ever since I got my Evita Joseph Powder Buffer, it's been such a comforting experience of quick, smooth and perfect application of creme-to-powder makeup for days.  

Over time the brush kept building up on makeup residue and I realised it wasn't that effective anymore during application. The bristles had become clogged with buildup. 😭😭😭

There are loads of posts on using baby shampoo, specifically made brush shampoos and anti-bacterial soaps and they all work in their own way. But I didn't have any of these to use but look and behold! I had Alata Samina from Fabulously Fit and Fine 😄. I received this from Jemila as a wedding gift and it's not only mild but has a heavenly goji berry scent 😍. 

This is how I used this product to clean my makeup brush. I wouldn't recommend using pure alata samina as that's much  stronger in alkalinity. You can always make your own less stronger alata samina by mixing with honey and coconut oil for moisture boost. Check out how to diy Alata Samina on Lydia Forson's blog. 

What you will need : 

⋅ Mild Alata Samina  

⋅ A tsp olive oil  

⋅ A tsp of dettol  

To clean:

1. Wash the brush ends under running water using your fingers to loosen the residue. Becareful to ensure the you don't get water in the metallic band after the bristles. This ensures the glue binding the bristles in the band doesn't get damaged. 



After first wash 


2. Squirt about half tsp of alata samina in your palm and work the brushes in by gentle swirling and twirling. Like a ballerina 😉. Gentle wash out. Incredible to see so much brown goo come out. Almost like washing off foundation from my face 😂. 


3. Do a second wash using less soap. Rinse under running water. 


4. The brush was back to its former glory! I couldn't believe it! I guess my expectation was to still see some brownish tips at the end. Nothing!  



5. Add about two drops of dettol to warm water and gently swirl the bristles in. Don't insert all the way to the metallic band. Careful there 😀. This will disinfect and kill any bacteria in the bristles as well. Gentle press on a clean towel to absorb dripping drops of water. 



6. Apply about three dabs of olive oil to moisturize the bristles. 

7. Allow to air dry. I hang mine over the tip of the table instead of laying it on a towel. That way the fibers of the towel doesn't get lodged in there. One can never be too careful 😉. 



Cleaning your makeup brush is a key beauty products maintenance regime as the buildup can lead to acne and pimple breakouts. Sometimes you don't understand why your skin keeps breaking out. Check your brushes, they could be the culprit. 😋 Make time to give your brushes some love 😍😍

How are you cleaning your makeup brushes? Please share your wonderful tips in the comments below 😘  

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