Here Are Three Ivorian Restaurants in East Legon With Attieke On The Menu.

Here Are Three Ivorian Restaurants in East Legon With Attieke On The Menu.

I was recently telling a friend that Attieke actually originated in Ghana ( an Nzema staple) and the Ivorians made it their own, just like how we adopted Senegalese Jollof rice over the years and have popularised it with our own variety of flavours and techniques.  It’s all fair in love and food.

Attieke is made from fermented and steamed grated Cassava and mostly enjoyed with soups or stews but by popular request, it’s commonly eaten  with a plate of either grilled chicken or charcoal-grilled juicy incredibly spiced Tilapia topped with sautéed and sliced onions, tomatoes and other veggies like cucumber.

East Legon is the closest suburb for me when looking to dine out for a change and finding Attieke was a major eatery discovery for me because I can’t get enough of the steamed cassava grains which deceptively resemble steamed Gari.

My first Attieke experience was at Chez Clarisse in Osu and I loved it so much I wrote about it. Then up popped the one behind the Oxford Street mall which also happened to be where I would meet fellow tech enthusiasts where we would banter and hotly ( insert Edward Tagoe in here) discuss Ghanaian apps and tech policies in the country whilst digging into the mish-mash of attieke, avocado, sautéed onions and tomatoes and Tilapia. Best Friday night ever! Then lastly I tried Au Grand Ecuyer in Osu and hands-down it was incredibly the best attieke I have ever had as compared to the former two eateries.

I discovered these three Ivorian eateries sort of by chance whilst either driving past to a meeting or heading home from town. I would then make a mental note of each location. Did I mention that I love French food as well?

These eateries are unique in their own way with respect to pricing, quality and ambiance so you can get to decide which one is best suited for you.

Lytanan Chez Christine

An easy-to-miss container restaurant a door away from Akuafo Market on the Boundary road, Chez Christine is an Ivorian restaurant owned by Christine Ouattara. They offer an extensive menu of Ivorian dishes but so far the attieke is what has caught my attention. It’s a simple restaurant without any frivolous interior design where diners can choose to sit on plastic chairs within the shipping-container-converted restaurant or outdoor beneath an erected shaded structure. Perhaps the message for diner's here is: focus on your food🤣. When seated, diners are served with a warm bowl of water with a slice of lemon floating trapped within the confines of the container waiting to be squeezed. Thoughtful. About the food, it’s flavourful, fresh and friendly on the pocket. The attieke which is GhC5 per plate is enough to share and if you decide to go for the medium or large Tilapia (GHC 35-40) then be ready to either share or have a very empty stomach. The attieke isn't lumpy or too dry. It's the perfect balance between being moist and even coarseness.I have had their Alloco ( kelewele) which always has the perfect golden hue and Is served hot as an accompaniment.



Avocado can also be a side dish to the attieke and Tilapia if you so choose and that’s also served fresh with hints of salt, lemon and onion garnishing. For GHC40 cedis you can order a meal to share with a friend or savour on your own as either lunch or dinner. The service is quick when fewer guests are present and the waiters are polite and slightly attentive when not busy at the bar. Five will be the number of times I have eaten at this Ivorian restaurant. They also have delivery services available which was quite reliable when I was too lazy to drive there. There's parking available infront of the container and by the busy Boundary road. They accept mobile money and cash. Larger groups can also fit the outdoor area.

Chez Amis

Sparse decor, outdoor eating beneath a bamboo structure Chez Amis is another Ivorian restaurant also located on the Boundary Road towards the American House.


Loud music play from the giant speakers to attract hungry diners but also makes conversation difficult when eating in. Thankfully I was buying to-go and was saved from the musical onslaught. Charcoal-grilled Tilapia sells at GHC40. I spent about GHC60 on my take-away lunch. The Attieke was slightly lumpy and had a bit of shine to it which I would rate as ‘just okayyy!’ The Alloco was too chunkily (is that a word?) sliced and resembled more of plantain slices meant for Red Red. If you love your plantain sliced this way, then this would be perfect for you.



A side of chopped onions and cooked green scotch bonnet pepper sauce is added just like most attieke dishes. I am still undecided as to whether I love the sauteed vegetables more than the alloco. Chez Amis has a stronger street vibe for Hangouts with buddies. There's some form of parking by it and dare I say the roadside which can be a hindrance for drivers heading towards the American House as it turns the dual lane into a single lane road.


Happiness Attieke

The name could be deceptive though as I wasn’t elevated to a state of euphoria by the time I was done eating my lunch on the space-inhibiting porch with a view of the main Jungle Avenue road. Happiness Attieke is budget friendly attieke which showed in the taste of the attieke; it was slightly dry with a tad bit salt. The grilled chicken is okay for the very hungry who walks in just for the full stomach experience without a bother about taste.


There's parking available by the roadside or next to D'Cafe if there's available space. They don't take VISA, only cash. 


Perhaps there are other attieke eateries in East Legon but these are the ones I have discovered and my personal experience with them. If you know any other spot , be kind and share in the comments below😁✌🏾.  



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