Easy To Make - Oyster Mushroom Omelette

ust when I had decided to make this omelette i had spotted on Betty Crocker and another on Food and Wine,  than I realised there was no cooking gas! My search for that led to brunch time so i was forced to make it this morning. Why isn't it easy to get gas stations? Back to the omelette spotting.

This is a perfect meal for breakfast and an early evening meal for those  not wanting to eat heavy. Mushrooms are currently in season in the country which makes it a perfect time to make all kinds of dishes. The vegetable which is gluten-free, cholesterol free, fat-free and low in calories and very low in sodium provides important nutrients such as selenium, niacin and vitamin D.  Mixing this with more vegetables was guaranteed to see me through my busy schedule for the day which included a visit to the printers.

A cozy of ingredients  

A cozy of ingredients  



 Half-cup of oyster mushrooms

One carrot stick

Half of a red onion

Spring Onion

2 Eggs

Half of a Cucumber

Black pepper

Dash of salt

1 teaspoon of Olive Oil

Let's Get Cooking!

 1.     Soak the mushrooms for a few seconds and set aside.

2.     Crack open the eggs into a bowl and add a dash of black pepper, beat with a whisk or fork quite briskly.

3.     Place pan on fire over medium-heat and add oil. As oil heats up, add the chopped red and green onions and stir continuously.

4.     Slice carrots lengthwise and add to onions. I sprinkled a bit of Mrs Dash spice for flavor. The carrot goes in early so as to have enough time to be sautéed.

Stir frying carrots  

Stir frying carrots  

5.     Add cucumber slices to the mix.

6.     The mushrooms goes in next. Add a bit of salt.

Oyster Mushrooms  

Oyster Mushrooms  

7.     Pour out the colourful mixture unto a plate and set aside.

8.     Add a little oil to the pan ensuring that it covers the base to prevent eggs sticking to the bottom.

9.     Pour eggs and ensure it has spread nicely out. I did not touch this for about a minute when I was sure the base was set before I flipped it over.

10. After flipping the eggs with both sides looking nicely done, slide it out onto a plate.

11. Grab the sautéed yumminess and pour onto one side of the omelette, flip one side onto the vegetables.

12. Done! Enjoy!

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 Eggs are great but have some levels of cholesterol in them. You can read more here.

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Easy to Make - Gari Foto

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