Easy To Make: Kale & Mushroom Salad

Easy To Make: Kale & Mushroom Salad


Who would have ever thought I would find Kale in Ghana! A cruciferous vegetable and America's favourite green vegetable; this leaf has been branded as one of the healthiest vegetable and has been made to look cooler than any other green food. I kept seeing it Westerleys  and Whole Foods but chale 'Dollar Nti' man no buy. 

You can imagine my delight when I discovered Kale at SowGreen during the Accra Green Market which I swung by today. Kale!!!! Oh boy, was some salad going to be in trouble! I then got really fresh oyster mushrooms from Green Harv Farms which is officially my best source for fresh oyster mushrooms any day, any time! 

The weather was perfect for a cool kale and mushroom salad and by the time I was done, this had to be the BEST salad I had ever made! Cross my heart! The vinaigrette was amazing and I took inspiration from the AllRecipe site. I wasn't sure if I had to steam the kale or eat it raw. But now I know raw is great! 

We have a lot of organic greens in Ghana! Its time we try new things. Aren't you tired of cabbage and lettuce salad already? I am.

Here is the Recipe

One bunch of Kale

5 Tablespoons of lemon juice 

Two Small Tomatoes diced

Two cups of oyster Mushrooms

Half -teaspoon of sugar (brown)

Half-teaspoonful of sesame seeds

1 teaspoon of olive oil

1/2 teaspoon of ground black pepper

1. Chop up Kale and set aside

2. To make the vinaigrette pour lemon juice into a bowl. Add olive oil, salt, sugar and ground black pepper. Whisk the mixture.

3. Saute mushrooms in olive oil for about five minutes and set aside. 

4. Toss in Kale, mushrooms and tomatoes into the vinaigrette goodness. Sprinkle sesame onto the greenery and toss it all up. 


You absolutely have to try this recipe because its absolutely fantastic! It was as though I was at a restaurant and I had been served an Italian salad for which I would probably have to pay about GHC 30! The mushrooms were fresh and soft which went great with the crunch of the kale! Total calories using Myfitnesspal came up to 164 calories.  

I not only got kale but also mustard greens! If you have never tasted mustard greens then you will be in for a surprise! It's spicy and tastes like mustard! Hence the name of course. :) 

Do please let me know if you try this recipe and share your experience by tagging me on Instagram @oyooquartey with the hashtag #ChopBetter. 


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