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How to Clean Your Makeup Brush Using Alata Samina

There are loads of posts on using baby shampoo, specifically made brush shampoos and anti-bacterial soaps and they all work in their own way. But I didn't have any of these to use but look and behold! I had Alata Samina from Fabulously Fit and Fine 😄. I received this from Jemila as a wedding gift and it's not only mild but has a heavenly goji berry scent 😍. 

Make Your Natural Hair Resolutions For 2016 for Longer, Healthier, Lust Worthy Natural Hair. #MyKpenkpeshie

Admit it. You didn't play nice with your natural hair in 2015. You broke some natural hair rules and even possibly added some small chemical to soften it. Yikes!

So like everyone else ( or maybe 70% of the world's population) you have written down some resolutions and decided to be more loving to grow your natural hair to a lust worthy length and texture . Here are some useful and helpful resolutions you can set in addition to what you might already be having.