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Personality Interview: Comic Writer James Breakwell Shares How Tweeting About Conversations With His Four Daughters Made His Account Go Viral.

James Breakwell tweets about his everyday experience with his four daughters all under the age of six are simply delightfully hilarious! He has been featured on several websites and blogs from  DailyMailUk to Mashable due to the witty and sometimes relatable - if you have kids of your own- conversations he has with his daughters which he tweets on his Twitter account @XplodingUnicorn .

Ghanaian Artists Transforming The Art Industry in Ghana: Inside Scoop About Bright Ackwerh, Winner of The Kuenyehia Prize For Contemporary Ghanaian Art 2016.


O.Q - What inspired your work into caricature illustration? 

B. A - A lot of factors actually. I discovered the work of some artists on the internets which amazed and inspired me. Their presentation of it was what caught my eye not the concept though as these were commercial illustrators.

#MyKpenkpeshie: An AfricanCity Co-Producer Ms. Adjei Spills The Beans On Her Magnificent Natural Hair & Other Things You Would Love to Know!

1. My thoughts on African women going back to their natural hair roots

 I'm excited to see more women on the continent ( and Ghana specifically) embracing their natural hair. It's been a drastic change from even 5 years ago. I can't tell you how many people (family members included) told me to relax my hair or assumed I was African American when I was visiting Ghana 5 years ago.

Personality Interview: Uncle Ebo Whyte Spills The Beans On His Latest Play ‘Forbidden’

In certain institutions outside Ghana where reputation is highly regarded, lets take; a student-lecturer relationship  is forbidden. The lecturer can be dismissed because of the relationship. I know of one company in Ghana that has made it forbidden for staff to have amorous relationships. A couple in that company got married and both of them got the sack. In some banks, although its not forbidden they may not put two dating people in the same branch or department. But generally as human beings aren’t we always doing the forbidden? Either because of the excitement of being caught or lack of self-control or the fact that our basal elements gets the better of us. At one point or the other we court with what is forbidden. The consequences of indulging in forbidden acts are often seen over time or occurs instantly. Would you say Tiger Woods did a forbidden act which led to the plunge in his career?

Celebrity Interview: KALYBOS Opens Up About His Rising Fame On YouTube & Other Things You'd Never Have Guessed!

You have probably seen him in the popular YouTube comedy skit BoysKasa or watched  him during the TV advert Browse Chaw Promotion from Airtel,  as he tells his mom he's going to be a Rrrapper! KALYBOS the only boss with one S has become the new face of socialmedia entertainment and a Ghanaian YouTube celebrity. I recently had a hilarious chat with him to delve into the story behind that crazy funny character KALYBOS and how it all started.