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FORBIDDEN a Roverman Productions Play, review; Beyond Five Stars!

I do well to watch at least one of the quarterly plays by Uncle Ebo Whyte.  Each play has been hilarious, thought-provoking and always brought a sense of community amongst the audience. So when I got tickets to see FORBIDDEN I wasn’t expecting less.  FORBIDDEN is a play of deceit, unfaithfulness, faith and blind love bound together in humor and song.

I had already heard of people going to watch FORBDIDEN about four times after their first experience. And to say my curiosity wasn’t perked would be an understatement.  I rushed from the house at 3:30pm knowing full well how prompt the curtain lifts at 4pm.  I was just in time!

Here's my review of the play: 

5 Strong Concrete Reasons Why I think Jon Snow Isn't Dead.

I finally finished watching Game of Thrones from Season 2 to 5 within a month. Aside my very comic reaction to the #RedWedding I didnt suffer much right to the end. Unfortunately, I came across a spoiler on Mashable which revealed Jon Snow's death. So i was pretty much prepared for that. But not the fact that he was stabbed horrifically by his own men and steward each murmuring 'For The Watch'. TRAITORS!!! 

But i don't think Jon Snow is dead. I have been pretty accurate predicting some scenes even before they happened. Ask my boyfriend who says i have watched too many movies hence my accuracy. Crowd laughs! Here are my reasons why I think Jon Snow isn't dead. 


    MUST WATCH: Gidi Up Season 2 Episode 4&5 (MovieReview)

    Obi finally gets to meet his knightress in shining amour. Is this the sort of game he wants to play? Its yet another display of good filming techniques. Tokumbo gets a surprise visitor who looks so much like Yvonne that it got me backtracking to make sure I had the right person in focus. Emeka and Sharon are having their little love fights and signs just tell me he is just getting tired of Daddy's little girl and her antics. I did find some scenes dragging on a bit and some a bit too predictable. It would be good to see more African print costumes and print accessories on the cast.