Burger & Relish Restaurant, Osu: Restaurant Review

Burger & Relish Restaurant, Osu: Restaurant Review

Somewhere in Nyaniba Estates, close to the now defunct Christiansborg Hotel, hides a burger restaurant for people of hearty hearts and big appetites. Popularly known for serving expansive burgers, Burger & Relish have been in Ghana for awhile and they look set on staying awhile for the long haul. 

 My partner and I went to the burger restaurant to celebrate our two years of dating and I really wanted to try out something less formal yet with a delectable memorable taste.

The interior of any restaurant matters a lot to me; one glance at the inside of any restaurant can tell me what kind of food to expect. The eclecticism of the décor as I walked in promised me long conversations over some great burgers. This was going to be exciting!

It’s a great place for lunch during the week as it’s less busy with food arriving between 15-20 minutes after ordering.

A waitress appeared after two minutes of finding a window seat. She was curt in her enquiry on what we would be having. Her attitude was just one degree from frigid and she seemed to have little patience for us as we browsed through the American-styled menu. It really doesn’t hurt to smile.

Alternative pop music flowed generously as we idly chatted about upcoming plans and our journey so far. The music didn’t drown out our conversation thankfully. That's actually something some local restaurants need to learn to adapt; low music for rich conversations.

Our drinks came in ice-chilled glasses. My choice for a non-alcoholic apple & mint sizzle was a rather poor one. My brain registered it as drinking liquid toothpaste. Almost like a mild mouthwash. A definite poor choice.

Restaurants in Accra, offering burgers on their menus usually lack what it takes to make a sizzling great burger. I have eaten burgers which tastes… sorry which has no taste. Poor spicing of the beef or chicken patty and the bun is never fresh either. Ratchet burgers. 

My Smoking' Jo Burger came first. I could definitely manage the size, I thought to myself. Then Kofi's own came next. What a shocker! The Boss burger is a sight to be behold, take my word for it.


What do you think? Scary or exciting? Does it make you want to conquer it?

I would go with scary. I wouldnt know where to start from.

My Smokin' Jo was smoking hot!

The beef patty was well done and was not too spicy. It was delectable & in great harmony with the crispy bacon and bbq mayo. I couldn't help stealing pickles from Kofi's burger for an extra bite. Yum! 

Quite interestingly, new restaurants are adopting the rustic, vintage look for their indoor decor. Other's are also going for the dead wood pieces look. Burger & Relish is also in that rustic quirky clan. I love that feel of rustic movement around me.

Too often I see couples have a meal at a restaurant, chat a while before, during and after and then leave the restaurant. Nothing keeps them in for a total experience. It's always eat and go. We were about to ask for the bill when we decided to ask if the Scrabble board was available for play. The board game was nestled amongst Monopoly and other games on a built-in shelf from across the room. 

We got down to unpacking it immediately. Scrabble is one of our favourite board games which we have been playing digitally on our iPads. This was going to be the first real board game.

Game on! 

We ordered a side of chicken wings for the game. Do you see the strategy behind having a board game for customers? You get to stay longer and order some more food. :) 

In the end, I won! Do you think you can predict a person by the type of words they choose to play on a scrabble board? Hmmmm... *chin stroke*. 

Price wise, I would say it's bougee burgers from 37-60GHS with a meal for two going past GHC 100. Go prepared. 

Parking at Burger & Relish in Osu is quite hellish. Insufficient parking causes customers to park on the narrow roadside causing hold-ups during busy eating-out nights. 

On the whole, its a great hangout for small and large groups of friends and families and worth more than just one visit.







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