A New Experience With Flipboard's 3rd Generation Update. #mymagazine

Its been a year now since I created my Flipboard magazines #Fashion (previously Fashionista) , Home & You (Lifestyle Magazine) , Lens (Photography) and Hair Stylin’ and within that year to now one of the questions I kept asking myself was, ‘Who exactly was following my magazine?’ Its was as though I was getting a large viewership and reflips but who were these people? Searching for content was a tad tough like badly cooked ‘wele’ in okro stew as it usually involved typing in the search field and having to go through several accounts either on Twitter, Facebook, etc trying to pin-point the right article.


Then came the BIG THIRD GENERATION update! Isnt it interesting how a problem which you never knew was a problem but then its realization hits you when a solution comes out? Its like oh wow… I didn’t know that was actually giving me headaches until now!

As a heavy tech user, I had to test every capability of the app with its new toys before writing this article and my experience so far has been above satisfactory.

  • Aside the sweet clean new UI of the app ( I bet you thought it couldn’t get cleaner than it already was) here was an update of all updates!


  •  Content was now well tagged and suggested to readers and mag-makers, suggestions as to who to follow was also pushed to you like ads on Twitter which I didn’t mind because it helped to identify lead content creators on the app.


  • With my love for society, culture and food I can inspire my readers with great content more effectively. Who wouldn't want to know where to get the best food anywhere in the world with my mag 'Places To Eat' ? Which photographer doesn't want to improve on their shooting skills? Thats why I have 'The Lens'. 


  • Is it me or my reflips and likes suddenly started increasing at a much faster rate?


  • Every article that I flip has a main tag closely related to the article I flip which leads into a main tag page having its own followers but not a magazine. It’s a page which would have everything related to the tag. So for example, this article was about how not to get blisters from your shoes and below that is  a tag FOOTWEAR.

Tap the tag and find yourself in a world of any and everything related to footwear. Cool huh? Then you can tap on the blue follow button to get fresh updates on all things footwear. 

Now that I am following footwear, it will be so much easier to flip them into my #Fashion mag. 


  • Share options have increased with the opening up of Apple’s iOS platform for more widgets. Now I can get crazy with pinning, saving an article to any Evernote notebook on the productivity app, buffer a flip, forward a flip to a friend on viber  and the sharing goes on and on.
  • So I can now see my 5,000 plus followers and best of all I got notified when someone followed me.
  • Analytics of my magazines, i have found to be very useful as it informs me what my readers are most interested in which will drive my decision on what to flip more often. You can view this on the Editor page on Flipboards website. I am pretty sure this feature will be on the app soon. :) 


  • I can increase my blog content to increase my traffic with this up-close-and-personal update to the app. As with any blog content, the importance of the main blog title has increased more than ever as words in the title are picked as the tags. So mind your blog title for the hundredth time!
  • One of my favourite features on the app are the recommendation carousel where magazines are suggested to me to follow because of another related mag I follow. Its not the suggestion feature but the magic changing of every photo for each suggestion! What magic is this? I salute the software engineers at Flipboard! 

Being able to bring inspiration, share ideas and tips, fire up imagination and creativity makes me feel really good inside. Its true what they say about sharing. Its really caring. 


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