#MyKpenkpeshie: Elikem Kept Her Hair Natural After SHS.

#MyKpenkpeshie: Elikem Kept Her Hair Natural After SHS.

Elikem Agbee is about to enter KNUST to pursue her first degree in Arts. She inherited her Fathers artistic skills and decided to pursue her passion. She shares her natural hair journey and the hairstyle men compliment her on most. :-) 

When did you get started on your natural hair journey?

E.A I have always been natural. But because of high school i had to cut it. And i decided after school not to relax it like my friends were doing. So it been a year now.

So most of your mates have relaxed their hair. What has been their response for keeping yours in its natural state? 

They ask why i haven't relaxed it yet. The thing is I love my fro’ and even though its taking time to grow i love it just the same. Also my Mom and sister are both natural so nothing anyone will say will make me bother about their negative comments. 

What are your favourite products?

E.A Sheabutter and castor oil. Castor oil is so magic! Especially when i use it when deep conditioning!

Got any personal maintenance tips?

E.A I keep it in natural twists most of the time. And I spray a bit of water, add a bit of sheabutter and castor, start from the scalp to the tips to moisturize every now and then. I also use a satin scarf to tie my hair before sleeping to tie in the moisture. I however realised that when i use egg with oil treatment, my hair breaks. So its good to know what works for you and what doesn't. 

Any salon in particular?

E.A I don't have natural hair salon at the moment. My usual hairdresser who although has perm is very knowledgable on how to take care of my natural hair. She shares tips with me and knows how to comb it well.  

Do you have guys complimenting you on your natural hair?

E.A (She gives a delightful laugh) Yes. especially with this hairstyle i have. It seems the mohawk suits me rather well. 

If your friend wants to go natural what would you tell her? 

E.A Its a lot of work. Its frustrating especially when you think its not growing. Taking care of your hair is very important. There are some who go natural but don't take care of it well. Be patient with it. 

What is your natural hair journey outlook so far?

E.A I am really looking forward to seeing my hair grow. I can't wait to try new styles , twist outs and straw curls! 


#MyKpenkpeshie is a natural hair feature on the everyday Ghanaian woman and her natural hair journey. It's a creation & curation of stories by Ghanaian women as they recount childhood memories, natural hair care tips, societal reactions to their change and more.

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