5 Strong Concrete Reasons Why I think Jon Snow Isn't Dead.

5 Strong Concrete Reasons Why I think Jon Snow Isn't Dead.

I finally finished watching Game of Thrones from Season 2 to 5 within a month. Aside my very comic reaction to the #RedWedding I didnt suffer much right to the end.

This is how I reacted to the #redwedding on #GameofThrones. Yes I am now catching up! Didn't know I was being filmed too

Posted by Naa Oyoo Quartey on Friday, 19 June 2015


Unfortunately, I came across a spoiler on Mashable which revealed Jon Snow's death. So i was pretty much prepared for that. But not the fact that he was stabbed horrifically by his own men and steward each murmuring 'For The Watch'. TRAITORS!!! 

But i don't think Jon Snow is dead. I have been pretty accurate predicting some scenes even before they happened. Ask my boyfriend who says i have watched too many movies hence my accuracy. Crowd laughs! Here are my reasons why I think Jon Snow isn't dead. 

  1. He owes a fight with the Night King! 

Did you see the look on the dudes face as Jon Snow shattered the spear of the White Walker warrior with the *checks for spelling* Valerian steel sword? And then killed him with it as well? The chief was shocked but of course that was hidden beneath his icy glaze. And then he challenges Jon by raising up the wildlings in his view. Game on! So they have to meet and fight one day! 


2. Bran Stark might save him (maybe)

Bran Stark isn't a warg for nothing. For all you know, he's taken over the body of a giant eagle which will come pick up Jon before he 'really' dies.

3. George Martin really is a nice guy (no really).

I don't know him from Adam but I think George Martin loves his twisty plots and killing people off really isn't his thing. Not all the time, maybe. 

4. Jon Snow didnt get enough sex scenes

He was a virgin until a beautiful wildling came his way. One whom he loves even as she is now with her ancestors. He has to meet another wild woman to rekindle his heart and passion which he refused to give to the Red Witch. 

5. Why is Ned Stark being shown on the Iron throne

You would think that with Ned Stark being killed in Season 1, the figure on the Iron Throne would have been changed. Doesn't that tell you that a Stark is going to be on that throne eventually? Jon would look magnificient on it. Arya is blind. Sansa talks too much. Bran is going to be a clairvoyant and his brother prefers to be an explorer. So there you go! 

Season 6 is going to start with Jon Snow blinking his baby blue eyes slowly as he bleeds out. Shall we wait and see? There's lots of buzz flying around too that he isn't. 

What do you think? Dead or not dead? 

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