5 Effects of Oversharing Your Relationship On Social Media


When the paint is fresh on your newfound love, you feel like grabbing a loudspeaker and declaring to the whole world in the words of Faith Evans, ‘I never knew there was a love like this before!’ whilst doing the ‘mesor’dance. Another alternative is to update your Facebook Relationship status to ‘In a Relationship With… or change your profile photo to you and your bae in a very cuddly pose and following that would be declarations of your love on his timeline.


There is nothing wrong with changing your relationship status on Facebook especially if your inbox is full of proposals and date ideas and you feel its about time everyone knows about Kwabena so as to discourage the admirers and kill the curiousity.


But how far can you go with sharing your relationship on Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter?

You open yourself up to unnecessary scrutiny

Not everyone will share in your joy of your new bae. There are those who will wish you well and there are those who for some devious reason or the other will delight in watching your newbie fail. Every post put up is analyzed and over-analysed by your friends or the public depending on your privacy settings. Have you even checked to see who you are sharing your life with? Some comments on statuses you post regarding your relationship will range from  fake delighted comments like .. áwww you guys are so cute’ to the bland like ‘…..?’ Be prepared for these if you have already started showing your new love over the internet.

You Put Your Relationship at Risk

At risk of what, you may ask? The risk of your boyfriend/girlfriends ex , who will decide to ‘show’ you if they see you anywhere. Maybe your new beau cheated on them with you and now Madam Ex is on a diabolical war-path to teach the boyfriend-snatching oblayoo a serious lesson of ‘What Happens To Women Who Steal Other Peoples Boyfriends In DayLight’. Since its easy for a screenshot to be taken of your timeline and your photos to be downloaded, their work has been cut out them in identifying you. Oh your location is also active? Even easier.

Its Easier to Steal Your New Bae

Incase you didn’t know, your blatant display of affections is seriously making someone determined to break you guys up. Yes, people are twisted like that. They’d rather steal someone’s bread than bake their own since its sweeter, Proverbs 9:17 will confirm.

You Have to Deal With Damage Control (Extreme Damage Control)

What will you do just in case the relationship doesn’t work out?

Here are some examples of your actions; start deleting all the photos and memories, changing your relationship status or disabling the feature all together, blocking her friends who you added just because she said you should add them, deleting previous statuses and as a last option deleting your Facebook account. Then deleting tweets, changing your Whatsapp dp (for the tenth time), deleting your #baelovesbae selfie Instagram photos, changing your Twitter profile description from ‘Beloved Bae of Ricky’ to ‘Me against the World’. So start thinking of all the social sites you opened and used to share your relationship and imagine the amount of damage control you have to do before checking into the safe house to hibernate for awhile. But sadly whatever you have shared stays on the internet forever because of some lets say 10 retweets you got on sharing the two of you at Gbegblevi Beach Resort. Forever! 

Big Brother is Watching

Employers now check your social sites to see what kind of posts you have been putting up as a form of psyche check to determine your personality. Will photos of you in bed with different girls at different times show you to be a committed or loyal future employee? Or will photos of you taking a selfie in a towel with your sleeping boyfriend showing in the background show you to be someone who can be an employee of integrity? Since Facebook is also now a place where our parents are also hanging out nowadays, will your future in-laws see you as a woman who can keep her family secure?

Privacy is truly dead with social media. It takes a lot of discipline and common sense to choose what you want to share in your relationship. Some things are for your photo gallery alone, even Cloud cant be trusted with some kind of photos.

Have you been through the experience of having to do damage control on your social site because of a break-up? Or know anyone who did?

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