The Fab-tural Natural Hair & Skin Products At The Natural Beauty Bazaar in Accra.

The Fab-tural Natural Hair & Skin Products At The Natural Beauty Bazaar in Accra.

Natural lifestylers never had it so good as they did during the 2nd Natural Beauty Bazaar (#NBBGH14) held recently at the Dubois Center in Accra. As searing as the sun was that day so also was the vast display of natural and organic foods, natural hair and skin products, African handicrafts and jewelry all jumbled in nicely with several hair talks with the coily pro’s. From shea butter products for men and women to coconut laden magic skin and hair creams, the day was filled with a rich array of products any natural lifestyler wanted. 

I made it to the event as a vendor for my fashion accessory brand RootsbyNaa and also to promote the event on social media. #NBBGH14 , the second of its kind brought together Ghanaians and expats with a love for all things natural to network, reconnect and engage and of course breaking the bank.

It was fantastic getting to meet new vendors and having the opportunity to discuss the benefits of selling online. A few were a bit reluctant whilst several also showed interest  in my proposition. Score 1 for me!


As natural lifestyle regains strength in Ghana, more companies have started creating products for the upkeep of 4C natural hair. And I do concur that the future looks bright where these hair product ideas are concerned.

The food was delicious but with one vendor available it was a sweaty job just queuing to grab a bite of the delicious pork.

The eclecticism, the fashionable, the curious thronged the venue and the kids weren’t left out as they had their fun with bouncy castles and trampolines. 

Speaking to a few attendees, they wished there would be more events like these to showcase made in Ghana crafts and products. So good job to the organisers Kuorkor Dzani of Twists and Locs and Korkor Kugblenu of Body Butter Company, more shea to your elbows!

Afrofunk and Korkor Kugblenu

 a section of participants during the spoken word session. 

Naturally, there was beautiful 4C hairstyles strolling through the stands. Check out the fabulous twist outs, locs, pompadour , fro's, sista locs below! WARNING! NO HAIR ENVY!!! 

Nii Anyertey a fellow blogger had a lot of thinking to do trying to choose the best products for his fro!

Mantse of #SabolaiRadio and #ChaleWote has hair to make any transitioning girl go green!

Musik of Lightville Photography 

Savannah Forest Honey

Wanjo, a natural beverage company with amazing juices, syrups and jams was a great replacement for Coca-cola quitters like myself!

I don't think I have seen soap looking as delicious as these before! Have you? Or maybe I was just hungry!

Skin Gourmet another natural skincare business in Accra showcased beautifully packaged shea goodness! 

Accessories made from cow horn


An informative hair talk was also organised for natural hair enthusiaists and newbies on maintenance and hair growth. Questions from participants ranged from, 'what a hair regime was' to the 'best moisturiser' for natural hair. 

 Having a natural lifestyle is a growing need for many Ghanaians which is creating opportunities for small and large companies by filling in the gap through the provision of  products and services they require. Also deciding to use more natural products takes a firm decision to stop using processed and refined beauty products to pure natural ones. I have been using shea butter as a skin cream for about 5 years now and my skin feels smoother and well toned, it really just makes sense to use the base ingredient which processed skin creams contain anyway. Doesn't it? 

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