The Official Launch of SubaPhotoApp - Review

The Official Launch of SubaPhotoApp - Review

Gone are the days when you would have your photo taken at an event and three things could either happen:

 1. You never see your photo again

2. Visit the wedding couple and get to see your smiling face in their wedding photo album

3. Pray that the photographer who you had paid for your photo wouldn’t mess it up when he washes and delivers it 2 weeks later.

 Thankfully our age of smartphone technology equipped with world-class lens technology has saved us mercifully from that.

 With all the mobile photo apps floating around Android and iOS, you would think there wouldn’t be anything new to create. But then comes Suba.  Suba is a Ghanaian developed photo app which allows you to stream photos from any event. All photos from events in one location! (Another knife stab in privacy’s bullet holed body.)


Proud Co-Founders Nelson Klutse and Eric Hackman, launched the app officially on 27/9/2014 to several guests at Storm Rooftop, a lounge and grill pub in Osu. With 356 downloads on Android as at that Saturday , the rising photo application has potential in the Ghanaian app development industry.

 Like every Ghanaian event, the event started two hours late but I decided to go early to lead by example on timeliness. I already had challenges logging into the app on my iPhone but thankfully this was sorted as I downloaded to my Samsung. Thanks Eric! You can read more about the app from an article by Amishaddai by clicking here. This post is more about the event which I am sorry to say was poorly organized and ended up being a club night.

 It was unfortunate to see the challenges the team had with setting up or displaying how the app works at the event. These things happen but there should have been a backup plan or a 1,000 times try out to make sure that everything is on point. Was it a code break? I don’t know. But having to wait two hours wasn’t fun. One detail I also noticed was; no one was taking selfies! The ladies were chatting and the guys were chatting. I couldn’t take any as my account still couldn’t get logged in and my Samsung S3 wasn’t giving me any good lighting and whatsmore I was alone. But this was a selfie night and people weren’t getting their selfie on! Official photographers did a good job but that wouldn’t go straight to the app from the event.

 Eventually Nelson came to shout out a few words on how the app started out and he was gone in less than five minutes. This couldn’t have been an official launch in my humble opinion. Where were the tech bloggers? The celebrities we were promised? These are the people needed to tell our mobile applications story and use their celebrity influence to get more Ghanaians on.

 I think this launch should have been stalled a bit for a later date in the future. At least have more numbers in terms of downloads (10,000 perhaps?) and show user reviews of the app as well as its all about the user experience anyway. 

I am yet to try out the app on my iOS 8.0.2 and write an app review about my experience. 

 Instead of lots of noise or hyping of apps, can we focus on really enhancing the user experience before launching out with lots of hype? As a high technology user and reviewer that’s what I care about and want to experience. An app which really gets my tech juices flowing unendingly! Let the app be fab and users themselves will hype the app for you.

I still can't log in as at this evening! 

 The app is a great idea and a launch should have been done with excellence and perfection. Maybe there's a chance to do a re-launch. 



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