18 Reasons Why You Should Say Yes To His Proposal

18 Reasons Why You Should Say Yes To His Proposal

1.     He thinks of you first, when he wants to share good news with you, even before he calls his ‘body body’ or even his Mom.  How would you know you are the first? You can always hear the excitement in his voice as he relates the new promotion he just got or the solution he’s finally figured out to a tough design. This also goes for you as well. Anything you want to share gets through to him first.


2.     He accepts you for you. Remember how your previous ex’es would continuously whine about that weird way you giggle? Or how your candle collection would weird out your former loves? He thinks its cute and sees you as you. He’s not interested in changing you.


3.     He supports your talents. You haven’t met another guy like him who is a No. 1 supporter of your talents! He gives you ideas to further it and doesn’t laugh at any that you bring up. You are extremely comfortable knowing that he won't see you as being too ambitious or too talented. 


4. He shares your faith. You cant believe you have a man who encourages the two of you to pray together when times are difficult. Believe it!


5. He treats his mother like a best friend. A man who treats his mother like his best friend; having good conversations and shows her respect is definitely a keeper. 


6.  He is open about his feelings. He never wastes a moment to tell you how much he’s missed you or how much he loves you. And here you were thinking such men didn’t exist. Ha!


7. You are more excited about spending the rest of your life with him than with a wedding. The wedding can go to the moon! Bring on the honeymoon and sleepless baby nights!


8. You are both on the same flight path on values. You both want two kids, agree on sharing financial responsibilities and share similar ideologies.


9. When you think of him, you smile. Your previous relationships were so tumultuous that when you thought of your then partner, a frown appeared on your forehead automatically. You never had any good feelings. But with this guy, you think of his jokes and you laugh unexpectedly causing your co-workers to look at you weirdly.


10. You aren’t afraid to tell your friends about him. Previously, you were shy and even afraid to tell your friends about who you were dating probably because he was already married or was dating someone else. There was always something you weren't sure of your ex'es. With this guy you are bold and confident and don’t mind filling your girlfriends in about Mr. SuperGuy.


11. The two of you TALK! There hasn’t been anything yet not invented that the two of you haven’t talked about. Whether it’s a disagreement, mix-up or even angry times; there’s always a conversation going on.


12. He doesn’t laugh at you. He laughs with you and laughs at himself which means he has a strong self-esteem. He doesn’t make fun of your runny nose or criticize your Taco-laced belch. He knows you are human like he is.


13. He is intelligent. His intelligence appeals to you in ways you didn’t think possible. He is money and street smart. He is a saver and a giver (not chisel).


14. He has made sure you have met his family. He knows your family and hasn’t wasted time taking you to his. It shows his seriousness with regards to the future with you. A man who doesn’t have any future plans with you will hide you from his family.


15.  You survived years of long distance relationship. Spending a year without him with only FaceTime keeping the two of you together wasn’t easy on either of you. But you survived! You both made sacrifices to keep the relationship going until it was over and now you are together those lessons have made  you stronger and wiser.



16. He remembers to ask of your friends. He actually makes time to enquire about some of your friends that he’s met during barbecue parties.

17. He shows his affection in public. There’s never a dull moment when with him and he shows his affection in public whether its holding hands, giving you a kiss over dinner or hugging you. That’s him creating his territory. Right thurrr!!


18. The last time you listened to one of your girlfriend’s complain on how badly her boyfriend is treating her, you silently say a prayer of thanks to God. You cannot believe how sweet and loving yours and would do anything to hold on to what you have.

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