Sights & Sounds at Accra's Art Festival ChaleWote 2014

The annual arts, music and everything else cultural event ChaleWote took place recently at the usual location; JamesTown and once again it was filled with lots of eye-brow raising artwork, trendy African street fashion, street art and lots more!

I however didnt feel the energy of this year's event as compared to last years which was more packed with vendors and the curious. I made it to the second day after church and it was good to see more people attend. 

What I liked most about this year's event was the increase in art display along the street mile festival. Well done to the organisers and vendors who have opened the creative eyes of the world to our inno-creativeness.

Laurie Frempong and friends organised an impromptu street fashion runway and naturally it got lots of onlookers. Well done, girlfriend!

There was the usual masquerades and I just couldnt help thinking how scary they look every year! These masquerages are popularly known as Aamaase and they were used by parents to threaten disobedient kids... 'I will call Aamaase if you dont behave!' said most parents.

The festival pulls in many creatives from photographers, film-makers, bloggers, artists, etc from around the city and here I am grabbing as many selfies as I can!

The artwork like I said, was really catchy and made one think about the concept (like any artwork should)

The unique artwork above was made from recycled or reclaimed wood and I couldnt help but praise the artist for the brilliant work done.

Above was the plastic recycled fashion parade which got everyone whipping out their smartphones and DSLR's. A stately affair it was.

This dude above (yes, a dude) was one of three guys dressed up in womens attire who prepared banku and grilled fish in the middle of the street. I had to look so hard to be sure they were dudes. whew! That was hard work!

The food vendors this year brought on more food & drink services with innovative equipment such as sugar cane juice making machines, etc.  I was a bit hesitant to buy any food thanks to the cholera outbreak in Accra currently so I made do with the freshly ground sugar cane juice which kinda took me through the day.

I made new connections and met old ones. I would like to say ' Whats up to two of my readers who were complimented my blog out of the blue! To Amishaddai (hope I spelt that right) and to Kingsley, YOU GUYS ARE WHAT A WOW! :)


Check out the video I shot for the event and you can use the hashtag #chalewote2014 to find more photos and videos! Oh by the way dont be too surprised seeing me in the ChaleWote music video. *wink!

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