#NoChobo, The Give Free Hand Sanitizing Initiative Against Cholera and Ebola In Ghana.

There are those who talk and those who act. Some have decided to be action figures to fight against the current cholera epidemic and augment the fight against Ebola. #NoChobo is a challenge to give as many free hand sanitizers as possible and challenge others to do same. Kinda like the #icebucketchallenge but without the icebucket and water. Here's how it works and how I went about mine.

1. Buy hand sanitizers

2. Distribute to school children in your neighborhood or any area of your choice 

3. Take a photo, upload to any social media platform

4. Challenge 5 social media friends and real friends to make greater impact and create more awareness 

5. If your nominated friends are unable to donate the sanitizers, they will owe you 50 cedis to buy the sanitizers and donate on their behalf. Easy!

PS: don't forget to share some useful prevention information to the kids on Ebola and Cholera

I happened to be on business trip at a fishing town called Busua when Akosua Sakyiwaa Mensah sent an email on this awesome idea. After the days meeting completed today, a lightbulb went off in my head! Here I am literally in a fishing village which needs more awareness on these diseases what perfect opportunity to do something for a good cause! Cool! So I walked out of the hotel vaguely remembering that I had seen a Chemical Seller shop some time back during one of my Internet-Free Days here. I found it, but the tiny shop didn't stock any. The chemical seller however directed me to Aunt Elizabeth whose shop was two street lights away, I should just ask of Aunt Elizabeth, nurse nu. 

So I found Aunt Elizabeth nurse nu (The nurse) after going through other peoples compounds. My walk through the compounds was one which revealed just how easily cholera spreads in communities as these. 

Children played in sand mixed with visible signs of fecal matter (couldn't tell whether man or animal) whilst their parents sat by chatting. Two young women fetched water from a well for their daily chores and cooking I am sure as I asked them for directions to the nurse's shop. 



Aunt Elizabeth had only three hand sanitizers. I politely asked her to restock and gave reasons why. She agreed. 


I found myself on the beach and looked for children playing in the sand, which I did a few meters away. There isn't much play activity for the children here except to play in the sand. 

I said hello to the group of girls and asked them if they had heard of Ebola or Cholera. They nodded. I asked the eldest what it was and she responded  in Twi which literally was, 'The sickness which when someone has and when you touch them you would also get.' At least they had an idea. I added more information to their knowledge and gave them the sanitizers which led to a lot of grabbing. I was sad I didn't have enough on me. 

Anyway, we took a selfie and I went away to share my experience and tagged five people on the challenge to do same. 


We need your support on this initiative if you are reading this. Sanitizers aren't expensive. I got these for GHC6 i.e. 2 cedis for one. Ebola is as real as the smartphones we use, so is cholera. This is a cause worth supporting to protect ourselves from communicable diseases in not just the urban but rural areas as well. I would be more than glad if instead of buying that Peruvian hair you support this cause for the greater good? :) 


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