Celebrity Interview: KALYBOS Opens Up About His Rising Fame On YouTube & Other Things You'd Never Have Guessed!

Celebrity Interview: KALYBOS Opens Up About His Rising Fame On YouTube & Other Things You'd Never Have Guessed!

You have probably seen him in the popular YouTube comedy skit BoysKasa or watched  him during the TV advert Browse Chaw Promotion from Airtel,  as he tells his mom he's going to be a Rrrapper! KALYBOS the only boss with one S has become the new face of socialmedia entertainment and a Ghanaian YouTube celebrity. I recently had a hilarious chat with him to delve into the story behind that crazy funny character KALYBOS and how it all started. 

OyooQuartey: What is your real name and whats the story behind the name KALYBOS?

KALYBOS: KALYBOS is actually made up of various names joined together...KA which is Kwaku Asante and my beautiful siblings are Lady and Yaa which gives the LY and because I love being special I.e a boss I added BOS but with one S. Hence the name KALYBOS with one S.  


OyooQuartey: How did Boys Kasa start out

KALYBOS: This started as an idea between four friends at the NAFTI (National Arts and Film Institute) to shoot rib cracking comedy skits but then in a movie form. So after we had out together everything needed to shoot the first series, the original main actor didn't turn up for the shoot. We called his phone several times but he was out of coverage area. So just when we were  about to quit for the day the director suddenly looked at me and suggested I play that role. I was very hesitant but I relented. It turned out better than we expected and after a few edits we then we started sharing on socialmedia through Whatsapp app. 


OyooQuartey: Who is the character KALYBOS 

KALYBOS: Basically he is a well dressed guy whose appearance though pretty decent is very deceptive. One cannot tell if he's rich or broke. He has a single dream of dating Ahuof3 Patri (his pronunciation of Patricia) and every attempt at seeing this reality turns into a disaster. He ends every series by saying "Ewurade mede nkwasiasem". We were a bit inspired by the cartoon character Johnny Bravo, the only difference is the body size difference.  


OyooQuartey: Some Ghanaians have mentioned you as a comedian. 

KALYBOS: (He laughs) That's something I am not. If you were to put me in front of a large audience I cannot do anything to crack them up. But with a camera on me, I come alive!


OyooQuartey: I see you taking over funny faces market in the brand ads market.

KALYBOS: Funny Face has his trend and I have mine. Our style of sharing funny videos will attract a new crowd to our work. I am actually inspired by Funny Face and we meet up to discuss how to improve on our work. I don't think I will take over his market. 


OyooQuartey: The KALYBOS Goes To Brazil was a hit. Tell us more about that. 

KALYBOS: This was shot during the Brazil 2014 world cup period to show our support for the BlackStars. If we couldn't go there this was the least to show our support. Most of the series had been shot in Accra so with this particular episode it was decided to best go with the Kumasi landscape. We shot the usual landmarks; Komfo Anokye Hospital and a few scenes at the  Kejetia Market. It was an interesting experience and we didn't have any issues with the people sound as they are used to seeing movies being shot by the roadside thanks to Kumawood.  We also have plans to shoot in other regions of Ghana. 


OyooQuartey: Oh! You should try Kakum Park! 

KALYBOS: Yes that's also  one of our planned locations. 


OyooQuartey: Who's your favorite movie actor 

KALYBOS: I love comedies and my favorite comedy actor would be Kevin Hart followed by Kat Williams. They both have priceless facial expressions during their stage acts and movie roles. I could also mention Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt. If we come back home then that would KSM, his creativity is really amazing. 


OyooQuartey: Are you single? 

KALYBOS: No I am not. I have a very strong supportive woman who has been with me and keeps giving me all the encouragement I need.  


OyooQuartey: What's your favorite food?

KALYBOS:  Oh! Isn't that easy to guess, looking at where I am coming from? I have three favorite  foods: first is Fufu, second is Fufu and LightSoup and third is Fufu and LightSoup and Goat. I can eat fufu three times a day. Thankfully it doesn't show on me. 

OyooQuartey: What's the future like?

KALYBOS: A KALYBOS movie is in the pipeline and it promises to be a rib-cracking movie. Our fans should expect this very soon! 


Here is the latest hilarious video by BoysKasa: ShortBread


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