This Is What Happened At The Natural Hair Event In Accra- Afrotastic2014

This Is What Happened At The Natural Hair Event In Accra- Afrotastic2014

Women in Ghana are going back to their roots of growing natural hair aka kpenkpeshie. I believe its moved past being a hair trend to become a sankofa lifestyle which never should have even become lost and is here to stay. 

I am deep in my transition stages, seven months going strong and I can't wait. A few questions I have asked myself is, so when I become natural how do I maintain it and with what? Imagine my surprise when I was told that the hair products used on permed couldn't be used on natural hair. But why was i surprised? It makes perfect sense. Whatever straightens kinky hair will rather destroy that same hair if you are trying to go back to coily hair. 

And then Afrotastic 2014 , happened to Accra at the YWCA center in Adabraka, a natural hair affair with Ghanaian women going back to their roots and those who were settled already in their roots.

Registeration point with Laurie Frempong rocking her twist out.

The natural hair event brought together an amazing number of women of all ages from different countries in Africa who were eager to learn nappy hair secrets, share hair disasters and purchase natural hair products. 

As a vendor selling my accessories which always seem perfect on natural hair, I was excited to be there so to know what to get before I do the BIG CHOP! 

The event, a first of its kind in Accra was enlightening and entertaining thanks to the MC Idiot James Brown  who I never knew was wearing an afro wig but kept us laughing with his mild-mannered stylish yet rib-cracking humour. I liked his style. 

Although the event didn't start early, well people didn't turn up early either which balanced things out. Ghanaians and time. It was really good to see the beautiful Rama Brew come to share how she went natural as well as dosh out some useful advice to many of the young women present on personal development.

Then came the panel discussion which started off a bit slow and dull but later picked up as discussion around definitions of natural hair and whether texturisation is natural hair, this debate went on for a while. I think for the future, there should be a time-keeper to control questions and flow of the panel. It would be good to see a variety of panelists in the future, i dont think the main organisers of the event should be alone in a panel.

I was thrilled to see the different styles of natural hair from pompadour to twist outs and braids. It actually gave me ideas for my YouTube channel. 

Straw-set coily crown

I was particularly pleased to see that the tables for the vendors were already covered with beautiful colored tablecloths when they arrived and for once I was glad. This was actually my first time seeing this at a fair for which I had paid a stand for. I hope other event organisers are reading. *wink wink*

Tetekai (Boni Okotoshi)

Tetekai (Boni Okotoshi)

As a Ghanaian woman, I was born with a coily crown, we were all born with it. We can't be living our lives like other races because its not in DNA. Our skin and hair is unique and we must wear it with pride. I won't be surprised if the kinky hair will soon be worn and sought after like the Brazillian Weave. Ask Lupita if she would wear Peruvian hair. Be Coily and Proud!

I was disappointed by the lack of men at the program. Where were the men with the dreads, twists and afro's? I can mention a few names but I will spare them just for today. I counted about four guys minus the MC, Ob Abenser and his assistant, who sat dutifully through the whole event.

Korkor of Body Butter Company

For entertainment there was Spoken Word by Poetra  which brought on huge applauses as well as some musical interludes. 

Aku PurpleHeart rocking one of my earrings. Woot!


Naa (thats me), Akua and Laurie

Brilliant organisers! 

Almost ready for my BIG CHOP!

Almost ready for my BIG CHOP!

I shot a quick video of the event. Enjoy!

Well done to all the organisers for doing a good job on their first natural hair event. We want mooorrreeee!!!

Do you have natural hair? How are you maintaining it and what challenges are you facing? Lets talk about nappy hair! 

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